It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times …

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Regular readers of the true faith fanzine will know we have sporadically carried a feature GriffinJuvethat goes by the title: It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times …

By way of summary, the feature covers two games in the life of a supporter that represent personal high and low points in their time on board the good ship Newcastle United Football Club.

A lot of this is unashamed nostalgia and rueful reflection of times long gone and obviously it’s the action on and off the pitch that are important ingredients to the features but these pieces are also at their best when the writers share a little about themselves and their lives around the times of the games. As an example I’ve got something I’ve been trying to get written up which covers THAT game at Southend on New Year’s Day 1992 which coincided with a huge falling out with my then girlfriend, a massive blow-out on NY Eve in London, the worst hangover ever the following day and a 4-0 defeat at Roots Hall in the pissing rain. As you can guess that is my personal low-point (and there is some fierce competition for that “honour”) of days out following United whilst being at SJP when we beat Juventus 1-0 with my daughter a few years later, is one of my most cherished B&W memories. One of our regular writers Gavin Bradshaw did a great piece covering a trip to Anfield with his Dad when he was a ruddy-cheeked, Farah-strides-wearing Crammy schoolboy and Andrew Trobe has filed a great piece about the trip to Inter Milan when he combined that never forgotten trip to the San Siro with a successful marriage proposal. It’s that kind of thing.

You might want to remember trips to games home and away with Mags that are no longer with us or with your parents, children, friends and we want to hear about all of the laughs, tears, scrapes and often bizarre occurrences on board the great big B&W rollercoaster.

We would love to be able to ramp up this feature in the coming season and something tells me with Joe Kinnear, now the brains of the SJP operation, we might need some emotional fortification in the next nine months. Therefore we would love you lot to get involved and file copy for this piece.

We want your tales of woe and joy.

We want supporters of all ages, shapes and sizes and backgrounds to send us stuff and if you have photos you think would illustrate your feature, then send us those too.

We want to hear tales from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and noughties. If any of you have reminisces from earlier than that then we would love to hear from you.

Each piece, covering both games should come in at under 1000 English words.

If you have any queries at all or just want to float an idea by us, then just drop us a line on /

What you waiting for? 

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