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First we couldn’t compete with Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City …. then we Pardew7couldn’t compete with Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool …. now we can’t compete with Swansea and Southampton?

“When you look at the teams now and the money that’s being spent, you have to be honest and say it’s going to be difficult replicating that fifth-place finish. But our ambition must be to try to do that.

Demba (Ba) went to Chelsea, and that was a big blow for us last year. I think the fact that we never really replaced him got missed a little bit. We brought in (Yoan) Gouffran, but we weren’t really able to replace Demba like for like. If I can replace Demba into this team, I think this team is stronger than the one that finished fifth. But I think the task of finishing in the top five is more difficult for us because of the growth of some of the other clubs who were just below us.

In particular, Liverpool and Spurs have spent a lot of money, and other clubs such as Swansea and Southampton have coordinated their financial strength really well.

You look at a club like Southampton, and they’re in a much stronger financial position than us in terms of purchasing players. Even though my team might be slightly stronger on paper once we replace Demba – team and squad – it’ll be even more difficult to get fifth“.

Alan Pardew, 7/Aug/13. From The Journal. tflogo_small



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17 Responses to In His Own Words

  1. Mark Twain says:

    Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt. I really wish Mr Pardew who heed this.

  2. WhoArYa says:

    The Southampton comment needs explaining more the Europa league was the reason for our poor performance last year.

    Utter shoemakers

  3. Keith says:

    Can’t compete with Southampton? Are we not still at the top end of the richest clubs in the world? Amongst the big hitters most supported in Europe? Southampton and Swansea are in great positions because they have put in great work, we have done nothing even resembling it. How long since we practiced a simple corner kick?! These clubs aren’t suddenly richer than us, they have received similiar amounts of the premier league cash grab as we have yet they’re in much stronger positions than us? Ah we are still paying off debts right! For how long now?!?

    The saddest thing for me is that being an avid watcher of Ligue 1 for several years, I actually quite like the players we’ve brought in. Under competent management they can be a great base to build on and even offer us one or two stars if things went well. But our coaching is dire, ownership is a crime waiting to be ‘disclosed’, and we have the sad sight of JFK parading around with new (loan!) signings looking like.. well I don’t even want to look long enough to comment further.

    Need a revolution lads!

  4. The gadgie says:

    What? Sometimes I wonder if I read his stuff right. Pards, the teams below us were relegated. We don’t need to worry about them for now. Any time I’ve worked with a patter merchant like him he’s been sacked in no time. How can he get away with this escalating pile of utter drivel. I’m more and more convinced he’s out to get himself the push.

  5. Micky Miller says:

    Tried and tried to give this bellend the benefit of any doubt but to say we are enviously pressing our noses against the windows of footballing giants such as Southampton and Swansea is condescending bullspunk…I would suggest this bellend fell on his sword but where would that lead? It would be like replacing Frank Spencer with Wurzel fucking Gummidge..

    God help us..

  6. Mick Dixon says:

    Wheres the Caroll / SKY money gone? We must have over £100 mill ???
    The sums dont add up.
    I think someone mentioned what NUFC have spent over the time that Ashley has been in control and its a pittance.
    Im supposed to be jumping for joy over a player on loan and injured??? Eh?

    Theres something rotten in this club how can we give a tactical clueless manager a massive contract and others in the club the same yet as you report many of Ashleys workers in Sports Direct cant get a decent wage or conditions. And to have a loan shark on THE shirt is disgusting.
    Im full of bitterness and anger at the way my beloved club is being managed and run, and until things change then Im not giving those f wits a penny.


  7. steve McGill says:

    engage brain before mouth

  8. KenB says:

    You have missed out the bit in the same article in which he says: “……the overriding strength of this club is that I know I am the manager of a very big club. I think one of the biggest in the premier league.”
    As far as the Europa league is concerned (as mentioned by Whoareya), in the 2009/10 season Fulham reached the final of this comp being beaten 2-1 by Atletico Madrid. They finished a very comfortable 12th in the PL. But then of course Fulham are a “very Big Club”
    This man is a complete and utter moron as well as being a very poor manager. Unfortunately we are stuck with the whole incompetent bunch until such time as Ashley decides he’s had his full revenge for the flack we gave him over the Keegan/Wise fiasco.

  9. Jif jaf says:

    The same Southampton in adminstration about 4 years ago?

    • Matt Flynn says:

      The same Southampton that sacked some bloke called Alan three years ago this month – went on to back to back promotions and now has more finiacial clout than NUFC… apparently.

  10. Keiron Young says:

    Very frustrating. Lowering expectations to a point that should not be acceptable to Newcastle United. I’ve defended Pardew after his first season success but if we are aiming to compete with Southampton and Swansea and come up short, where will we be? The transfer budget and JFK’s appointment are not his fault of course but he’s not the brightest coming out with things like this when his isolation from the carry on above can work in favour, if he appears to be the voice of reason. But no, there’s managing expectations if fans are shouting about Champions League but no one is doing that are they. Not one permanent transfer through the door. It’s going to be a long season.

  11. tom says:

    Pardew has,not for the first time,mis-spoken here.
    Its not that we cant compete with Swansea or Southampton,we can,we should but our owner simply doesnt want to.
    Our club is being run on a “need to spend” basis…we will only spend the bare minimum required to achieve the goals set by the owner,not a penny more.

  12. east stand exile says:

    My one remaining glimmer of hope is that MA is paying back his loans, and when he’s satisfied with what he’s got then he does one. I’d accept that at this stage, even if it meant we were in this pathetic state for 7/8 seasons.
    My greatest fear is that by blurring the lines between himself, sports direct and nufc and employing clever accounting (easy done with a small business, never mind large ones owned by a billionaire) he makes a cushy ‘hidden’ profit year on year, keeps his loans on the books and stays put.
    Surely he wouldn’t fool enough fans to get away with that for long, right??

  13. jaktar says:

    Newcastle had one of the worst defensive records in the league last season but instead of strengthing this dept. they are on searching for strikers, and the cheaper the better.
    What’s happened to the club I have supported for night on 60 years?

  14. jaktar says:

    Lol that should of course read ….nigh on…..

  15. Anton says:

    The most horrible thing is having a manager referring to the Europa league as a “distraction”. A distraction from what Alan? From playing football and competing for honours? But surely, this is what he and the rest of his donkeys are employed for.

    What does he think their job involves? Ironing the W**** logo onto Newcastle t-shirts or crashing expensive cars on lamp posts!?

    If we keep giving our hard earned to these guys, we deserve all we get.

  16. Jackie Shyter says:

    Roll Up Roll Up and get your tickets for the Braga game as in the words of the soon to be honorary Geordie “Hopefully it will be an offensive display”
    So there you have it lads & lasses