Gateshead At Wembley!

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Well after all of the ball-ache associated with following Newcastle United there was a a slice GatesheadBadge copyof football salvation this afternoon as Gary Mills’ Gateshead overcame a resolute Grimsby Town to make it to Wembley and a Play-off final with Cambridge United. The prize? A return to the Football League.

For those in a crowd of over 8000, the game had everything – great football, 100% commitment, incident and a second goal which was an absolute peach and deserving to take The Heed for their first ever trip down Wembley Way.

There were surreal moments. Hearing the Gateshead Chairman and owner Graeme Wood’s name chanted in praise and appreciation was a shock to the system as was seeing a grey-haired manager lap up the adulation of a straightforwardly enthusiastic crowd relishing the sheer joy of sporting success.

Clearly, every single person associated with this half-arsed fanzine wishes Gateshead all of the very best and we call upon the whole of Tyneside and beyond to do everything it can to support Gateshead FC and its bid to get back in the Football League.

Seeing that second goal and the joy it generated amongst an overwhelmingly Geordie crowd was a timely reminder about how great following football can be.


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9 Responses to Gateshead At Wembley!

  1. Pat Hughes says:

    I went this afternoon and it was refreshing, it reminded me of what football should be about ……. passion, pride and positivity. I enjoyed the game and atmosphere so thank you Gateshead and I wish you success in the final.

  2. TomL79 says:

    Agreed. It was a smashing afternoon. I’ve been to the last few Gateshead games, and its restored my faith in football to see a side play with passion and a club value and connect with its supporters.

    • Pat Hughes says:

      I felt a little pang of envy at times such is the blinkered corporate road we NUFC fans currently find ourselves trudging along and I will no doubt get an occasional fix of proper footy courtesy of Gateshead FC next season. Pity about the destructive Grimsby fans but everything seemed well under control even the route back to the Metro.

  3. Peter Sagar says:

    I went as well and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. Good to watch a Tyneside club, playing in black and white, with ambition and passion, acting as more than just an advertising hoarding for two very dubious companies.If you look back at the records Gateshead were very unlucky to lose their leage status in 1960, so here’s hoping they get it back at Wembley.

  4. Mick Clark says:

    I went to the game, great to see skill,passion ,& pride from gateshead f.c faith in football restored, atmosphere brainwashed we have become with the plastic premier league.

  5. Mick Clark says:

    Great day for everyone connected gateshead f.c. The flair, passion &pride showing by the heed, was a joy to behold, and the fans also played a huge part on a great day

  6. Ian Summers says:

    Surely Ashley has enough business sense to see the 8000 crowd for Gateshead as a warning to his club. Well done to Heed players who are far more professional in their approach than our mercenaries. Good luck at Wembley.

  7. Dan Wilson says:

    Great day out, magic for my son to be able to join in the pitch invasion like us older lot used to do at SJP before the sky league hijacked football and made it boring and sterile. Well done all concerned and good luck at Wembley.

  8. Chris Porter says:

    Didn’t go the game as I was working but Gateshead played some brilliant football. Thought the season was gonna be a disaster but appointing G.Mills was a stroke of genius. Glad to see all the hard work in training has paid off. Congratulations to Gateshead. 2-1 Gateshead at Wembley, come on Gateshead