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With almost £4000 raised from online donations in only a week and a very positive response from United in meetings with GALLOWGATE FLAGS, developments are moving on now at a pace with the first home game of the season little more than a month away. The ambitions this group has are very impressive but to make things happen it will need boots on the ground to make sure the practical work is done to help GALLOWGATE FLAGS succeed and as a result support the team in the way we all want to see happen.

GALLOWGATE FLAGS has attracted a group of volunteers already who are committed to doing their bit to help develop the kind of atmosphere and support at St James’ Park which will propel Rafa and the lads back into the Premier League where Newcastle United belongs.

GALLOWGATE FLAGS needs lads and lasses who will be committed and reliable on match-days and who don’t mind getting to St James’ Park early and staying behind after the final whistle. The group needs people to work together, who aren’t precious about fetching and carrying and capable of doing so.

Obviously, to provide meaningful help on match-days you need to be a regular attender in the Gallowgate End to begin with. By rough estimate GALLOWGATE FLAGS will need volunteers to be at St James’ Park at least a good hour before the match and be prepared to do what needs to be done to sort everything in readiness for the following home game.

You can visit the GALLOWGATE FLAGS website by clicking here.

You can become a GALLOWGATE FLAGS volunteer by dropping them a line on

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