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Last night the GALLOWGATE FLAGS group reached the pre-season £5000 target it had set for itself with a good ten days before the start of the season.

From a standing start this is a fantastic achievement and made only possible through the donations of rank and file supporters committed to making the new season a step-change in the atmosphere around United following the appointment of Rafa Benitez as manager on his own terms.

A big chunk of the £5000 raised has already been invested in the purchase of some 470 flags and together with the donation of additional flags its no exaggeration to say there may be over 500+ flags on The Gallowgate for Black & White Day when Rafa and what looks like a virtually new squad return to St James’ Park.

Black & White Day is the first in what Gallowgate Flags hope will be a series of events at St James’ Park and whilst the focus is on making the Huddersfield game a massive success in the stands, there are plans for follow-up events and hopefully there will be discussions with the club to agree a plan forward for those. Gallowgate Flags will have news for us soon on that score.

All of the funding from the flags comes from supporters via Gallowgate Flags. This is no blue plastic flag exercise like Chelsea. All of the ideas and funding come from supporters. There is no corporate sponsorship – this is an act of proper football supporting. Its old-school – it may be online but it is essentially a whip-round amongst supporters to make something happen.

Gallowgate Flags will be as successful as we make it. If you donate, every penny will be used to purchase flags. If you step forward to be a volunteer for Gallowgate Flags it means the displays will be bigger and better. Many hands makes light work. Gallowgate Flags needs workers. People who turn up early for the match and be ready to support the displays.

So, you can still donate here

Your money will go towards paying for flags and banners which will transform the spectacle of St James’ Park on match-days throughout this coming season and hopefully many more to come.

If you are a season ticket holder in the Gallowgate End you can volunteer to support Gallowgate Flags. All you need to do is e-mail with your season ticket number and seat number. Then you’ll be given the gen.

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