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I don’t think there are many regulars at St James’ Park who have failed to have been impressed by the first two displays at the Huddersfield and Brighton games this season. Gallowgate Flags have added a spectacle and pre-match atmosphere to those games that supporters seem to really like.

It was also instructive to hear Jonjo Shelvey make reference to the flags in his interview on SKY’s Goals on Sunday just gone. It could be my over fertile imagination but our club captain Jamaal Lascelles appears to make a point of coming over to the Gallowgate to applaud the flag display as do several other players. We know already how keen Rafa is on the flag displays and several supporters groups from around the UK have been in touch with Gallowgate Flags to ask how so much success has been achieved so quickly.

The next major display to be planned by Gallowgate Flags involves commissioning jumbo, hand-held flags for those Veitch2players and servants of Newcastle United whose place in the club’s history is outstanding and should have a form of tribute to their timeless achievements.

Gallowgate Flags would like to commission separate hand-held jumbo flags to feature:

Colin Veitch

Bill McCracken

Hughie Gallacher

Stan Seymour (senior)

Jackie Milburn

Joe Harvey

Bob Moncur

Malcolm Macdonald

Kevin Keegan

Peter Beardsley

Alan Shearer

Sir Bobby Robson


Gallowgate Flags know this list is likely to set off great debate about others who should also be included for flag tributesMacdonaldMoncur1 and at some point in the future others might be added at separate events. But right now this is a list of those personalities whose contributions to Newcastle United, Gallowgate Flags believes are particularly outstanding.

There is a fantastic piece in The Chronicle detailing the greats included in the Legends Day tribute. Click here to read it.

Some of the names are of people whose achievements may not be known to lots of modern supporters and includes some no longer with us sadly. But they are club servants whose achievements, skills and charisma are embroidered into the fabric of our beloved Newcastle United Football Club.

Fair play to everyone at Newcastle United who have been extremely supportive of the work of Gallowgate Flags and encouraging of this latest initiative!

Unlike some displays which are all paid for by clubs or sponsors, Gallowgate Flags wish to raise funds for flag displays from Newcastle United supporters. This means the displays are all the more meaningful.

Gallowgate Flags have estimated that the cost of commissioning these 12 separate flags is £1000.

That is a sizeable amount of money to be raised but when it has been Gallowgate Flags will set about getting the flags Harvey3manufactured and working with the club to agree on a game at which the Legends Flags can be displayed at the Gallowgate End.

So, please dig deep and as soon as that £1000 has been raised Gallowgate Flags can get cracking on providing a truly magnificent display as part of a really memorable event.

Please donate here.

If you would like to become a Gallowgate Flags volunteer and help with putting the displays, then you will be warmly welcomed. Please just e-mail –

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  1. Dan Atkinson says:

    Jonás Gutiérrez should be recognised… A player who the club certainly did wrong by yet still shows clear support and considers himself a part of the Toon. Possibly ‘Jonás is a Geordie’ would be a fitting statement.

    • Sorry Dan those on the list are the cream of Newcastle United and that’s not to denigrate good club servants like Jonas. That’s what is being recognising but ultimately anyone can commission their own flags for anyone that takes their fancy.

      • Mike says:

        Would love a separate Jonas day though. Spiderman masks everywhere and donations to institutions fighting testicular cancer.

  2. Gavin B says:

    Pretty good list in my opinion. Could argue that Shepherd, Stubbins, White and Davies should be included but that all makes for a healthy debate. Billy Whtehurst and Tony Cunningham apparently fuming they have not made the cut.

  3. Paoulo says:

    Sir les

    Rob lee


    • All great club servants but surely behind the likes of Mitchell, Brennan, Robledo, Shepherd, Aiken, Hibbitt etc – these are the best of the best from across the club’s history and not just the last 30 years.

  4. Tobias says:

    I miss Gary Speed on that list.

  5. Chris says:


  6. Colin Mccabe says:

    Whilst Les, Lee, Speed, Pav & Jonas are defo modern day club icons you can’t really compare them to those on the list when it comes to overall service and achievements. An FA Cup win in 98 or 99 might have done it for Lee or Speed but IMO the list is pretty much spot on

  7. Aex Jones says:

    is there any plans to acknowledge club heros- maybe not ledgends- like jonas and pav? i think a banner at the back of the gallowgate might be a very nice touch

  8. Stephen says:

    David Kelly

  9. Ian Summers says:

    Graham Oates, if only for his own goal against Leeds.

  10. Gary C says:

    Good shout for David Kelly, scored arguably the most important goal in modern NUFC history. Although his career was cut short Tony Green is worth a mention. My dad watched the toon from the early 50’s and said he was the best player he ever saw.

  11. bill says:

    Waving his shirt on the corner flag would make a great Flag 🙂

    Or one capturing his special goal celebration v Barca

    Celebrate a unique player in our history