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I don’t think many would doubt that the GALLOWGATE FLAGS’ LEGENDS DAY event prior to the Cardiff game on Saturday gone was anything but an outstanding success.

To date GALLOWGATE FLAGS has now organised three excellent displays and there are plans for more. This is an astonishing success given the group only formed in the summer and its displays are already some of the best in England. Let’s not forget every single flag on display has been paid for by Newcastle United supporters and no-one else.

The next objective is to raise funds to purchase one or more large jumbo or surfer flags that will be displayed in the

Poppy reflected in puddle at feet of Sir Bobby Robson Newcastle's Cardiff's at St James park, Newcastle

Gallowgate End. 

It is estimated to purchase the size and quality of flag(s) required, there will need to be something like £4000 raised.

Gallowgate Flags will be in discussions with the relevant people at Newcastle United who have been really supportive of everything the group has wanted to do.

It is hoped the new flags will be ready for the spring-time and what everyone hopes will mark our return to the Premier League.

What Gallowgate Flags want to do as well as that is to invite designs from our more artistic supporters and all designs will be assessed by a panel with the idea to then put what are judged to be the best or most suitable out to supporters to select for manufacture.

To have your design considered please e-mail to in a PDF format.

There are some hints of course – try to be realistic and practical with what can be manufactured within a reasonable pricing – loads of colours costs lots and something overly detailed and complex will only be fully appreciated close-up and let’s be honest most people who will see the flags will be some distance from them. Simplicity is the best option I’d GF Advert -3suggest.

Remember also that a lot of money will be invested in the flag(s) so gimmicky designs that will become dated quickly might not be a great idea as the flags will want to be used over and over.

But for all of that, we can have all of the designs in the world but if Gallowgate Flags don’t have money (and after the Legends Flags they are pretty much spent up now) they can’t do anything.

Just over 500 supporters have made donations to Gallowgate Flags, so lots of you haven’t donated yet.

Now is your chance – please donate here.

That is all.



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