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After only a few days of taking donations to fund the purchase of new flags for the upcoming season, the supporters of Newcastle United have smashed the initial target set by GALLOWGATE FLAGS of £3000.

Donations continue to be made and even you haven’t donated yet, please do so because the bigger the pot GALLOWGATE FLAGS has to work with the more it can achieve at the start of the new season but it has to be stressed ongoing after that. Hopefully, this can all be the start of something that will develop over this upcoming season but many more thereafter as well.

So, please donate by clicking here.

Give as much as you are comfortable with but a tenner seems to be the standard donation but if you can’t wear that give what you can or failing that, give it when you can.

Of course its not just donations GALLOWGATE FLAGS needs.

If you have a flag in decent condition that you think would help GALLOWGATE FLAGS achieve the kind of displays so many of us want to see at St James’ Park then drop them a line on and make arrangements. It will help if you are able to provide a photo of your flag and a description of it i.e. size etc.

GALLOWGATE FLAGS also needs volunteers on match-days to help with displays and it might sound like a statement of the bleedin’ obvious but for all the flags and monies that are donated, its lads and lasses in the Gallowgate who will be needed to support their display. So, if you can get to St James’ Park an hour before KO to get ready to help the displays please get in touch with GALLOWGATE FLAGS  on to volunteer your services and make things happen.

GALLOWGATE FLAGS has made a statement about donations that you can get here. 

GALLOWGATE FLAGS has also drafted a FAQ sheet which is also here. 


A big thanks to all of the supporters who have donated to the Flag Fund and if you plan on doing so, please do it sooner rather than later to enable new flags to be purchased.



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  1. Albert says:

    suggestions >.replace the tired ‘local hero’ with a ,say, Lindisfarne singalong ? eg. Clear white light ———— And introduce the original German PA announcements routine to get the noise levels even higher.