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This coming Saturday ahead of the first home game of the season, the newly formed Gallowgate Flags group in collaboration with Newcastle United is calling upon supporters to back the flag display which will take place before kick-off and act to mark Rafa Benitez’s decision to commit his future to the club and celebrate the debuts of the players he has signed to help us get back into the Premier League.

More than £5000+ has been raised via an online whip-round and a big chunk of that money has been invested in the purchase of 470 flags which will make their debut this coming Saturday. They will be joined by other flags which have been donated to Gallowgate Flags and doubtless others which fans will bring to the game under their own steam.

Lots of you have questions for Gallowgate Flags but at the risk of stealing the group’s thunder here is a FAQ for Saturday:

Q. I sit in the Gallowgate End, how can I help? 

A.  You can become a Gallowgate Flags volunteer and you can help with the displays, simply e-mail with your season ticket and seat details and you will be given the gen this week.

Q. What time do I need to be at the match to help with the flag display? 

A. Its intended to begin the flag display at 2:30pm so it would help if you were in the Gallowgate at 2:15pm – details will be provided later.

Q. Can I choose which flag to wave? 

A. No, its a massive headache to get the flags distributed, so its first come first served.

Q. Can I take the flag home with me after the match? 

A. No and please don’t. We need the flags to be kept at St James’ Park for subsequent games. The flags have been GFlag2purchased using money supporters have donated and that needs to be respected. Please do note remove the flags from St James’ Park and please advise anyone you see attempting to do so that they should leave the flag near their seat on the Gallowgate End. They will all be collected in at the end of the game. If anyone removes them from St James’ Park, not to put too fine a point on it, they are being stolen and depriving Gallowgate Flags of future displays.

Q. How heavy are the flags? 

A. The flags are all substantial sizes but they are light as a feather and anyone will be able to wave them?

Q. Won’t the flags annoy some people? 

A.  Everyone who is allocated a flag is requested to be respectful of others and not to use the flags to obscure anyone’s view whilst the game is underway. We would also ask everyone in the Gallowgate End to appreciate they are contributing to what is intended to be a stunning and eye-catching display which is intended to inspire the team to victory.

Q. Is Pyro etc part of what Gallowgate Flags will be doing? 

A. Absolutely not and Gallowgate Flags could not make more plain no form of pyro is being encouraged as part of the displays. They are against Health and Safety regulations and if supporters do use pyro etc this may threaten the co-operation established for Gallowgate Flags more widely.

Q. What do Gallowgate Flags want to achieve with their displays? 

A. As a starting point, Gallowgate Flags want to establish the Gallowgate End as home to the most impressive fan-funded GFlag4
flag displays in the UK. And then Europe. In the UK currently Liverpool, Celtic and Rangers are the best fan funded displays (as opposed to club and corporate sponsored displays at the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd) with Italy and Germany predominantly the best in similar football cultures to our own. Gallowgate Flags point to Borrussia Dortmund’s Yellow Wall as the inspiration. Let’s create the Toon Wa’al at St James’ Park in the Gallowgate End.

Q. What if I can’t get hold of a flag, how can I help? 

A. Gallowgate Flags is calling upon all supporters to come to the game on Saturday in Black & White, though bringing a scarf is really encouraged. Remember the Shearer Testimonial? Alongside the flag displays, a swirling mass of Black & White scarves will provide a superb sight at St James’ Park.

Q. I don’t sit in the Gallowgate, can I still help with the flag displays? 

A. Not at this point. The displays are being concentrated in the Gallowgate End. You can help by taking photos and video-footage of the displays so they can be shared later. Gallowgate Flags is encouraging everyone at the match to wear Black & White and particularly to bring scarves – that applies no matter where you are sitting.

Q. Has all this been agreed with the club? 

A. It certainly has and United has been very supportive. It is understood Rafa Benitez is particularly enthusiastic about the displays which he knows from his time at Liverpool, Inter, Valencia etc can be so helpful in creating a positive atmosphere for his players. GFlag5

Q. Is Black & White Day a one-off exercise? 

A. No, Black & White Day is the first in a series of events planned by Gallowgate Flags and more details will follow after discussions with Newcastle United FC.

Q. I’m unable to get to matches, how can I support Gallowgate Flags?

A. You can support Gallowgate Flags by making a donation and ensuring more displays can be funded. Lots of donations have come from ex-pat supporters around the world. By donating to Gallowgate Flags you can ensure you are playing your part of supporting the team and a small part of you will be at every home game.

You can donate here.

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2 Responses to GALLOWGATE FLAGS – Black & White Day – FAQs

  1. Brian standen says:

    Good luck guys. Brilliant initiative, looking forward to seeing it

  2. Colin McCabe says:

    cant wait to see it folks, fair play, only wish I was there to help & participate