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The people behind the newly formed GALLOWGATE FLAGS group today had an extremely productive meeting with key officials at Newcastle United and the key elements to come from the meeting are as follows:

  • Newcastle United is delighted this is happening and wish to support it as far as they can
  • Rafa Benitez has taken a personal interest in GALLOWGATE FLAGS and encourages the group’s activities
  • The club will not seek to impose its own ideas on the group (so no corporate plastic flag waving as per Chelsea et al) and this will be a real supporters’-led initiative which will stand or fall on the backing it gets from United fans.
  • The club has agreed to be flexible with regards to flag poles and this move will revolutionise what can be done at matches.
  • The club will support GALLOWGATE FLAGS by allowing flags and banners to be stored within St James’ Park and going forward will work with volunteers from the group to get access to the stadium to allow the organisation of various displays etc.
  • Various officials from United will meet regularly with GALLOWGATE FLAGS to discuss any issues that might need to be resolved and a regular dialogue will exist to make sure what is being developed is sustainable in the longer term.

GALLOWGATE FLAGS has given certain undertakings to the club and these are the group will not lead any protests BobbyFlag(though to be fair to the club they did not raise this as an issue), the group will not condone any activity that brings the club or its supporters into disrepute, the group will not support the use of any pyro activity which contravenes health and safety guidance and interferes with the enjoyment of the game for fellow spectators.

The big call now is for more volunteers to become involved with GALLOWGATE FLAGS and the group particularly needs lads and lasses who are in The Gallowgate End and more specifically in The Corner or the Gallowgate Lower tier to help with displays and become involved in making things happen on match-days.

GALLOWGATE FLAGS also needs some dough to get things going, to buy flags, banners etc to fulfil what many supporters want to happen. To that end GALLOWGATE FLAGS has established a donation page for supporters to donate online. All supporters can participate in this activity regardless of whether they attend matches at St James’ Park or live on the other side of the world.

Alex Hurst who some of you know from his regular writing for true faith and his hosting of the Podcast will oversee the management of the monies donated. Alex is a respected local businessman who is the Chief Executive of Phoenix Taxis and Coaches, a long-established and reputable business based in Blyth, Northumberland with a strong association to this fanzine as sponsor. We can guarantee that every penny donated will be used to fund GALLOWGATE FLAGS.

The integrity of this group is unquestionable.

To donate to GALLOWGATE FLAGS, just click here

To visit the GALLOWGATE FLAGS website, just click here

To follow GALLOWGATE FLAGS on twitter, just click here


There will be further updates soon but in the meantime, GALLOWGATE FLAGS needs you to get involved as a volunteer with the group but also it is desperate for donations.

true faith has donated £100 to help meet the initial target of £3000. 

The quicker that target is met, the sooner GALLOWGATE FLAGS will be able to have its designs manufactured and sorted for the start of the season.

Please help the lads and lasses who want to support Rafa and the lads get us back to where we belong!


That is all.

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  1. Ranger ned says:

    Great news – we need some colour to match the passion. Howay the lads !

  2. Andrew Thompson says:

    Donated. Great idea. Well done to the club for getting behind it and to Rafa for taking an interest! Definitely wind of change at NE1 nowadays. Long may it continue!

  3. Pat Hughes says:

    I’ve donated too, even though I’m in the Leazes. Can’t wait to take pics of the spectacle and I may even take my modest flag for a little wave – can’t have too much flag waving around the whole ground

    • Andrew Thompson says:

      The more flags the better mate. Regardless of where you sit.

    • Sonic1 says:

      Yes you can if it’s obstructing viewing or covering advertising. I’m not being a party pooper but I wouldn’t want to advertise my company if they were getting covered over. Apart from that, onwards and upwards. Toon army.

      • Lofty says:

        I take your point sonic, but there’s only Sports Direct or Mike Ashley owned company advertising anyway!!! Apparently no one wants to advertise at SJP…

    • Sonic1 says:

      Yes you can if it’s obstructing viewing or covering advertising. I’m not being a party pooper but I wouldn’t want to advertise my company if they were getting covered over. Apart from that, onwards and upwards. Toon army.

  4. Paul Mann says:

    So are they providing a space to hang your flags up can’t wait to see

  5. Jack says:

    How do I get involved ? I’ve few flags what are regulation and safety just wanting to know if we can have them up in level 7 by one who knows anything please email me or text on 07464804708 cheers as I can get custom flags cheap and also love the idea!

  6. Dave dixon says:

    Can someone contact me regarding the flags. Got some great ideas for start of season
    I can provide a drum to start this revival