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A big thanks to all of you who nominated Gary Lineker for the Pundit of the Year award via the Football Supporters Federation. 

Gary is now on the list of nominees for the FSF Annual Awards and we are encouraging readers to get behind the Match of the Day presenter not only because he’s a decent link man on football’s most popular programme but also because of who appears to have him in their cross-hairs.

Gary has made some mild comments regarding his views on several political matters of the day and because they don’t sit comfortably with the frothing mouthed bullies of the ultra-right-wing press, namely The Sun and The Mail it seems they are out to get him.

As far as I can see Lineker has always cut a dignified figure in the game and has been a good role. England fans will remember him fondly for his service in a Three Lions shirt and he’s an intelligent presenter and part of the furniture on BBC’s flag-ship football programme.

Gary is up against: Jamie Carragher, Danny Higginbotham, Jermaine Jenas,  Danny Murphy and, Gary Neville – none of whom we have any in particular beef with but if The Mail and The Sun are against you, doubtless attempting to dig dirt and intimidate a man into silence or worse out of his job, then our support is with the Leicester lad.

If you agree with us, please click here and vote Lineker.

That is all.

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  1. mikey says:

    Aye, If the SUN and MAIL are after you, you;ve probably done something right.

    Lie Factories staffed with posh boys who hate the working class and despise football fans.

  2. Nick says:

    Dead right. This has definitely got worse since Brexit and if anyone says anything that the DM, Telegraph or Sun do not agree with it’s full on attack – see also Lily Allen etc. No great fan of either her or Lineker but I would defend their right to make reasonable comments any day of the week. This isn’t a police state just yet.

    • Peter Davis says:

      I hope you’d also defend Louis Smith’s right to make jokes about Islam free from full on persecution from the BBC, censure by his sporting body, and death threats from extremists?

    • Peter Davis says:

      I hope you’d also defend Louis Smith’s right to take the piss out of a religion without persecution by the media, censure from his sporting body, and death threats from followers of said religion?

  3. Peter Davis says:

    Don’t know what planet you folks live on. Brexit was a democratic vote of the people. But since then the BBC, the Guardian and all the ‘responsible’ press have done nothing but accuse its supporters of being racists and xenephobes. Some of us just don’t like living under an unelected system that only benefits the multinationals and bankrupts half of southern Europe. If Lineker chooses to show his ignorance of such things that’s his right – but don’t expect everyone. Democracy is a very precious thing and if he wants to cheapen it, he’s an idiot. Don’t vote for him.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t like living under an unelected ‘system’. I take it that, like me, you’re a member of Republic and that you are committed to the abolition of the monarchy? Chuck that horrible old cow off the throne – that’s what we want Peter.

  4. Comrade John says:

    To anyone who voted brexit. Yes its democratic and all that empty nonsense and must go through, but for british people (they mean English) to mouth off about sovereignty is deeply galling to the Irish, Scots, Manx, brettons and Cornish folk. And the many lands we molested throughout the ages