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As many of you will already know, the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) will be leading the campaign against rip-off and extortionate ticket prices at Premier League matches this season.

For full details about the detail of the campaign and about the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) you should visit their site at Football Supporters Federation 


I am sure there are many of you reading this who have been priced out of attending matches previously at St James’ ParkLink to the Football Supporters Federation website or who can no longer afford to go to away games simply because the prices are far too high. There is no need for ticket prices to be as high as they are. The Premier League is awash with money from new TV deals and it is simply a matter of greed that ticket prices continue to rise out of all proportion with wage increases or the reality of modern life.

Of course there are still plenty who can afford the prices but this often forces fans to make difficult life choices but it also prices out huge sections of society – the young, low paid, students and pensioners etc.

This Saturday led by the Football Supporters Federation, there will be a protest before and during our game at Manchester City. Involved in that campaign will be the Newcastle United Supporters Trust, Man City’s 1894 Group and possibly other supporters organisations from the North West.

Obviously we need as many Mags as possible to join with the FSF, NUST and this fanzine to support the protest. If you areFSFAffordable1 going to Man City this Saturday and are ready to give a small amount of time before the match, please e-mail us at and we’ll give you the gen.

That is all.

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