Football Supporters Federation Fanzine of the Year – Nomination

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Many thanks to you out there who have nominated true faith (the fanzine) for the FootballFSFlogo Supporters Federation Fanzine of the Year. Its very flattering anyone would bother but all the pasty faced wretches in the true faith bunker are very appreciative.

We made the short-list of six the last time out and were fairly chuffed as it was the first time we’d bothered with any kind of awards lark. If we were to equal that this next time, we’d be thrilled.

We are also delighted someone has also nominated the true faith : PODCAST as led by those two greet big lumps Taylor & Besty (congrats to the latter on his recent matrimony carry-on by the way).

If anyone wants to know about the Football Supporters Federation’s Awards just click here but the awards ceremony is at the Emirates Stadium (home of the Arsenal Football Club as if you didn’t know) on Monday 16/Dec/13 and we hope to have a representation at the doo.

Cheers again.

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