Football Supporters Federation – Awards

by • October 23, 2016 • NewsComments (6)1680

The annual Football Supporters Federation Awards are now taking nominations. We are canvassing for nominations for just one category – Pundit of the Year. Our suggestion given recent events is to nominate and then vote for Gary Lineker for that award.

You can make the nomination here.

That’s all.

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6 Responses to Football Supporters Federation – Awards

  1. Rob says:

    Couldn’t agree less Michael. On the 24th June Lineker tweeted that he felt ashamed of people who had voted for Brexit, he followed this up by retweeting a video which called the same people morons. While insulting over 17 million people and lumping them all into one boat shows immaturity and stupidity, doing so when they are paying your £1.8 million BBC wage via their licence fees shows a total lack of respect and is unforgivable. If he has some need to express his views and is half as clever as he would like to think then surely he can do so without managing to insult others in the process.

    • Colin Mccabe says:

      They are morons……..but this is a footy fanzine, maybe should just stick to all things NUFC!

      • Rob says:

        Don’t know who you are saying should stick to all things NUFC, me or Michael. If it’s me then I am responding with why I disagree with Michaels post which advocates backing Lineker over his recent (non NUFC) comments and if it is Michael then it is his fanzine and he can write what he likes quite frankly.

        Take a good look at the first part of your comment Colin and then think about what it means. Your saying one out of every two people you walk past in Newcastle are morons, one out of every two of our fans, the people sitting in SJP on a Saturday are morons. If you do honestly believe that then I’m sure that their response would be that it takes one to know one.

  2. Jarra mick says:

    Can’t think of a More arrogant,vacuous, self centred cunt with delusions of grandeur. Pundit of the year don’t make me laugh.

  3. Peter Davis says:

    Lineker, in line with BBC diktat, takes every opportunity to introduce the politics of the Guardian into his football punditry. His politically correct posturing is typical of the BBC these days and I would not give him the time of day.
    On the other hand, Chris Kamara is always funny, congenial, and self-deprecating….without the constant need for an auto-cue. Or try Ian Holloway, who I have enjoyed when Sky covered our Championship games this season.
    But don’t indulge the smug, holier-than-thou, Remain-voter propaganda that is the BBC.

    • mikey says:

      Peter you sound like Daily Express Article generator.

      Holier than thou? Propaganda? Look at yourself mate.