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On behalf of everyone associated with true faith, we welcome Florian Thauvin to Newcastle United. We hope he has a long and very successful career with the club.

We also hope that Florain grows to regard Newcastle as his home city and develops a strong emotional attachment to the football club and the community here in the North East it represents.

FlorianThauvin2We congratulate those at the club for securing this transfer.

We wish Remy Cabella heading to Marseille in what is widely reported as a loan-deal all the very best for his future career and regret his move to Newcastle United hasn’t worked out for him or the club.

United has now made four first team signings over the summer and like everyone we hope these new players have a major impact on the fortunes of our team. We hope they are a key part in taking the club forward and assisting in it fulfilling its huge potential. We do hope they have been brought to United to build a team, rather than to put in the shop window for planned future sales.

At the start of the close season, like many others we highlighted the need for six new first team players. We identified central defence, midfield and attack as the key areas. The club has signed a central defender, a midfielder and a striker. Today we expect Thauvin to become the creative midfielder that has been on many people’s shopping lists.

As things stand, there remain a central defender and a centre-forward to sign to complete what would be a very satisfying transfer window. These will be challenges for the club to deliver. However, without them it is unlikely to see United deliver on Mike Ashley’s stated ambition for a place in the top eight and a good runs in the cup competitions.

Of course the new players are all from foreign leagues, which with all due respect to them are not as intensely competitive  as the Premier League. They and their new coach will need time to settle in and develop in new surroundings.

There are of course other gaps in the team which over time we would like to see addressed – namely at Left Back and central midfield but given the actions of this window, notwithstanding business that remains outstanding, I’m sure we recognise that these areas will need to be addressed in forthcoming widows as other priorities emerge.

But back to today’s business and once again, welcome Florian to Newcastle United Football Club.

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5 Responses to Florian Thauvin – WELCOME TO NEWCASTLE UNITED

  1. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    I’m now prepared to give them the partial benefit of the doubt. I don’t really believe Ashley has serious long term footballing ambition for the club but they appear to be making at least some effort to rectify their own fuck ups…fucks ups that were so fucked up that they can’t really be put right in one window. My big concern is that, rather than put the icing on the cake with another surprise signing or two before the deadline, they will do a shit on the cake by selling one or more of our better players at half past 2 on 1 September.

  2. Ant says:

    This is simply 1-in-1-out policy; Cabella did not work out (ie, we cannot flog him for profit) so we are taking anther gamble on a player who, let’s be honest, has not had the best 12 months in France. The squad is not being strengthened: just a few fresh faces to appease the fans and plaster over the cracks.

  3. tom Bates says:

    Hopefully he’ll b a success. I find it strange that every time we make a big signing from France people think we have a star player. The only clear success we’ve had from the French league has been Cabaye and possibly sissoko. There have been far more flops cabella mbia marveux and our non goal scoring striker last year whose name escapes me. Yet there is a perception that french up and coming internationals are value for money. The french side is worse than England’s. But the lad needs a chance and at least we are prepared to spend again which is good news

    • Davy B says:

      Debuchy was a cracking right back whom we sold at a large profit. Haidara is a promising left back. Kemen appears to be wanted all over Europe. Cabaye was a steal, as was Sissoko. Marveaux came on a free, and Gouffron cost very little and was only ever bought as a squad player, but has scored some vital goals. I think we have done very well from the French league.

  4. tom Bates says:

    Perhaps as many hits as misses. The consensus is that the lad will be a success. Also how could I forget David Ginola!