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King of The Kippax – Man City Preview


Ahead of our curtain raiser down at The Etihad we caught up with Dave KOTK207Wallace, bluest of the blue and long-standing editor of Man City institution, the King of The Kippax Fanzine, now approaching its 25th year.


Straight in then ….



TF: Mancini out, how do City fans feel about having a manager who won them the FA Cup and the PL title in two years binned so easily?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: We were unhappy with the way it was done, it cost us the FA Cup. Generally though it was a disappointing season which seems daft when we were runners up in the league and Cup but poor in the Champs league and unimpressive in a lot of games considering our squad. So probably the right decision.


TF: Pellegrini? Have you got the right man?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Who knows? For every Mourinho and Ancellotti there’s a Ramos and Scholari. He seems OK but the Premier League can be difficult for a foreign manager, no matter how experienced to come in to, and Mancini is a hard act to follow as you’ve just pointed out


TF: Why didn’t City get Mourinho?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Our Two Spanish fellas didn’t want him at Barcelona plumping for Gardiola who didn’t do badly and let’s face it his heart is still at Chelsea. Hope it doesn’t backfire on us.


TF: What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: That would be telling. Does Pardew read this? Assuming he doesn’t, last season we were fairly strong defensively but ponderous going forward. I can see the reverse of this lots of 3-2’s. Glad our bogeyman Carroll’s not with you anymore.


TF: Tell us about King of The Kippax and the independent fanzine scene at City


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Well we’re plodding on coming up to our 25th anniversary. We’ve seen off all the other zine’s including the official club magazine which is ridiculous at my age. Geordie Graeme does the layout for us now and we’re fairly pleased with it. We get lots of contributions have loyal sellers and just about break even (I tell the wife!) There’s plenty of good websites for the Blues and we sit alongside fairly well despite the snidy digs from defunct City zine readers



TF: Good, bad and ugly memories of Newcastle United playing at City (Maine Rd and the Etihad)


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Don’t get me started. The 4-5 cup game in ‘57 after we went 3-0 up then you lost 6-1 at the swamp a few weeks later.Got some stick at school in Salford after that thanks a bundle for that.Took a Geordie schoolfriend to a 5-1 in 59 and a Geordie workmate from Knottingly to the cup tie in  1975 which you won 2-0 then we beat you 5-1 a couple of weeks later. The 2-1 loss in 1984 was a disappointment as we hoped for promotion but in recent years we’ve got a good record. Off the field antics have generally passed me by!


TF: What’s your greatest ever City moment?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Probably Aguerrooooooooooooooo just topped the 4-3 in 1968 as I had all my family there and it was compensation  for all the years of grief we’ve suffered at the hands of the most obnoxious and despicable ‘fans’ in the business. The 6-1 at the cesspit wasn’t bad either with son and grandson.


TF: What’s the target for City this season?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Title again but I’m not that confident and good performances in the Cups


TF: What is your perception of Newcastle United – the manager, the owner, the players and the Director of Football?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: As you know 1955 was the beginning for me so Newcastle who won their 3rd cup in 5 years at our expense were big and respected rivals. Amazing since then we’ve won more than you even before the money came in. I don’t go along with this where were you when you were shite stuff we used to give out as I think that Newcastle have always had great and loyal support and have not deserved  the owners (just like us for years) you’ve had. How did it all go pear shaped after 1996? (I’ve never forgiven you for losing the title to the rags after being so far in front)


TF: How do you think Newcastle United will fare this season?


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Bottom half I’m afraid despite the double over Man United


TF: Prediction for City v Newcastle United


Dave Wallace, KOTK: Now you’ve got me. 3-2 to City! one of many!


Many thanks to Dave for his time. You can see Dave’s Blog here TF_INITIALS_LOGO











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