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NUFCSupportersHandbookIt’s only a few days before the lads cross the white line at The Etihad to face mighty Manchester City, their new manager and God knows how much they have invested in new playing talent over the summer (UEFA Financial Fair Play rules anyone?).

Now we want to know what you are thinking about going into the new season.

What kind of season do you think we’ll have?

Where do you think we’ll finish?

How will we do in the Cup competitions?

Will Pardew have learnt the lessons of last season?

What impact will Kinnear have had?

How has Ashley made resources available to prepare us for the new season?

What is your mood and that of your Mag compadres going into the new season?

Excited? Depressed?

You can share your opinions by simply typing them into the comments box below and submitting them to us and we’ll publish all we can as we head into Monday night’s game.

Think about using your real name to accompany your opinions as this isn’t a message-board where anonymous knob-heads post all kind of crap.

All the best.

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  1. Where to start ? It would take a month of Sundays to answer all the questions asked. After last seasons poor performance that kept all toon fans on the edge of thier seats and biting thier nails , we are now faced with bemusement and toe curling anticapation in equal amounts. However thats nothing new to the toon faithful who are used to the crap that eminates from NUFC HQ. One could write a book ( it would have to be under Fiction ) on the present state of affairs at St James and I am sure some smart person will do so. In my humble postion I feel we have an inept manager in Mr Pardew and an even more inept board altho I have the highest regard for Mr Carr who certainly helped to keep us up last season. I was relieved when he didn’t walk when the new inadeqate regime’ was installed .Regarding the upcoming new season , it dont look good ! , having said that being a proud Geordie I am still optimistic about our chances . IF and its a big if , our team stays together and we get some one up front who can upset defences and help Cissie get among the goals then I am hopeful for the season. Lets be honest we aint going to storm the upper elchelons of the league but I believe if we can keep our team fit , they need to be super fit as we dont have any depth at the toon, then we can finish the season mid – table . I could give our embattled manager some advice but he dont listen to anyone or use coventional wisdom so its pointless. To tell the truth I have never been Pardews biggest fan even when we finished fifth, he’s a poor tactician, and altho I never called for his sacking during last season he’s not the man for the toon , who is ? not Kinnear for sure , that would be a truly retrograde step. We will have to wait and see how this one unfolds . Fingers crossed but I would not trust moneybags Ashley on this one , you dont get to earn billions without being utterly ruthless. Dissapointed our first match put back to Monday , it dosen’t have the same gut feeling about mid week games as a traditional 3.00 Sat kick off. As I said I’m an optimist , some would say mad but I have placed a hefty £50 on the toon to beat Mighty Man City at 10 to 1. Toon For Ever.

  2. If the friendlies are anything to go by (all we have) then Pardew has learnt nothing except the obvious, that he should be doing fitness work with players… I have not often felt so flat about the start of the season. I think we will struggle. I hope I’m wrong. No faith in Pardew.

  3. Tom Bates says:

    When I listen to Pardews ridiculous ramblings I miss the blunt honesty of Chris Hughton who treated the fams with respect, not people to be fobbed off.
    Anyone see the recent Premier League preview, Mcmanaman, Owen Hargreaves and David James were predicted a top 7 position for us.

  4. Wallace Wilson says:

    While we have an owner whose strategy is to do just enough to stay in the Sky league we will always be among the also-rans. It depresses the hell out of me that it has come to this – we are not even trying to compete so what’s the point of continuing to support them? I think we’ll finish in the bottom 6 again because survival is the summit of Ashley’s ambition. We aren’t good enough to win a cup because that suggests being able to win 5 or 6 games and unless we get a very luck draw we aren’t going to do that because there are plenty other teams with more ambition and better players than us. Until there is a change of regime I am not going back

    • Come on Wallace mate , I know how you feel but we must keep the faith with the toon . Ashley too thick skinned to be bothered by a few thousand supporters staying away. ” Support the team not the regime ” We have nowhere else to go , Best regards Ralph.

  5. Mick Dixon says:

    Whooo hang on guys We always support the team regardless that why 50k are at every home game!! Thats why Pard and his merry men were not hounded out last season.
    We supported the mess of the sunderland and Liverpool games where players gave up no heart no balls. Never seen such a capitulation. And where are the same players??
    So please enlighten me what will change this season? Still tub thumping before the games from STaylor and Tiote both were total shte all season. Same tactics?? I thought we were getting a new coach? Oh its a fitness coach!
    Ill tell you why we will be in big trouble this season. A director of football who has and will do nowt but pick up a pay cheque paid for by you lads and lasses.
    Ameobi, Obertan, Tiote, Jonas, Wiliamson. Same tactics and a clueless manager who talks total blks that makes my skin crawl.
    NOT ONE player bought.
    Wafer thin squad couple of injuries and then what?
    Wheres the money gone?
    But hey ho please prove me wrong maybe Ive missed what the 8 year plan is, and dont have a clue ?
    Renaming the ground and Wonga that was enough for me.


  6. Tony roche says:

    Pardew is a complete CLOWN the man has no idea what so ever ,, we have a good 12-15 players who could make top 7 easy with a decent manager but pards cant motivate them ,tactics don’t exist for this tit head of a manager Ashley is treating us like idiots AGAIN the bloke should do us all a favour and fxck right off ,, JFK is just another fat tosspot hired to tell bare faced lies and to piss us off in general,, roll on next Monday and we will catch man city by surprise HOW (saylor) because we r fitter than last season !!! Not by pre season outings that I have seen ,, long hard season ahead sad thing is I can’t wait for it ?? Support the team not the regime ,,, the bastards r killing us

  7. Davey says:

    If someone could just get our owner to not take the minimum allocation offered to us for away games and to scrap the ludicrous member/ST only policy to have the chance of an away ticket then that would be a start before we’ve even considered the on field issues and transfers/non transfer issues.

    Remember these adverts?



    Compare that to the non-existent releases of our new kits and the totally half hearted way we seem to deal with the commercial side of the business. One player, (injured), brought in so far (on loan), JFK with his extensive world wide phone book, Pardew’s increasingly desperate patter, knowing we’ll have half a side out in the cups despite what our Manager says about ‘attacking the cups’, you could go on, Wonga, SportsDirect, etc, etc.

    What’s the point of NUFC?

    • east stand exile says:

      It really is difficult to keep any faith at the moment, for me NUFC only half exists at present, it’s a shell of a club at best. I understand the people who have stopped going for making a stand, and it is fact that you can’t support the team without paying the regime. But it’s for each individual to make that call, both stopping going and keeping up the support to the players on the pitch have merits to each argument. What have any of us done to deserve this?!

  8. Pete Waggott says:

    As an exiled Geordie living in Jersey (we’re not all millionaires by the way, I’m a humble teacher) I have watched from afar with increasing dismay the shambles since the end of last season. Having survived relegation by the skin of our teeth we needed new signings – at least three – and what have we got? Joe Kinnear. It beggars belief. And what exactly has Mr Kinnear achieved? Apart from embarrassing headlines, that is? One loan signing of a player who is injured and could in theory end up in prison if found guilty of rape. Oh, and we have lost numerous decent squad players, and promising youngsters have been sent out on loan. And the Gomis signing seems to have imploded. So where do we stand? Worse off than at the end of last season in my view. That said, I will be following the fortunes of the team as ever in spite of the horrible feeling of trepidation in my guts when I think about the season to come. No point in moaning about Pardew, Ashley etc – we’re stuck with them so it is what it is. All we can do as ever is get behind the team come what may. That’s it.

  9. Paul Brown says:

    I decided to boycott the Ashley regime in 2008 (although my 3 year ticket meant it was 2011 before i threw the towell in) after the way King Kev was treated and believe me it is NOT easy to stay away. This year sees the 50th anniversary of my first toon match and I still lie awake dreaming that either Ashley DOES actually have a (secret) plan to restore our club to where we were during the Keegan/SBR eras or that a Toon fanatic wins £200m on euro millions, buys the club and installs fan ownership. Alas I can only see another bottom half finish under Pardew and the nutter on the bus who thinks he’s director of football.

  10. Micky Miller says:

    The simple fact a 48 year old Shola fucking Ameobi has bagged the majority of pre season goals and at the time of writing is one of only two fit senior strikers says it all really…

    Desperate soul destroying stuff..

  11. Graham Wood says:

    I believe Charles Bukowski said it best: “My dear, find what you love and let it kill you.
    Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness. Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.” This is the unfortunate reality for most of us following United. But long may it continue, it’s the only way I’d have it! Like many, can’t wait for the season to start even though I’m scared shitless about what might be in store. Let’s face it, Ashley’s going nowhere, there’s no sugar-daddy figure coming to rescue us so what can we do apart from get behind the lads! If the players can find anything like the spirit and determination of 2011/12, we’ll be OK.

  12. Ian Summers says:

    Perhaps I have supported this mad club for too long but am I alone worrying more about Morecambe away than Abu Dhabi City away! Football should be about emotion and passion, nothing used to beat a good cup run but Morecambe scares me?

  13. Phil Carvoeiro says:

    Never been so depressed about the prospect of a new season as this and it’s not like I’m a bairn I’m past 50.I really can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with this regime.This is essentially the same group of people that took us to within a whisker of a miserable relegation and other than the injured loanee we look like going into it as under strengthed as last season. Pardew talks about no European football this year like its a badge of honour not to have it?? What’s the point in even competing in this sport if we aren’t going to try and at least achieve something. Every other premiership club have at least tried to progress in some shape or form but not this lot, same as last season and I’m assuming we only bought the French rescue party in January because the fat one realised his investment was in danger and he HAD to act, we’ll that went really really well didn’t it?As I said to my lad when we stood and enjoyed the aftermath of the 3-2 win over Chelsea last season, games like this are our cup final, clubs like us don’t win trophies or compete seriously in Europe but as least we get the odd victory like this over the so called big boys and if nowt else that keeps me going, but these small crumbs of comfort are all we have. If somebody somewhere could just see our potential we too could be one of the big boys . But not in my lifetime I’m afraid and certainly not with these absolute and utter fuckin clowns at the helm

  14. David Chapman says:

    Personally I feel there should be some sort of police investigation in to what Ashley bollocks is doing with all our bloody money ( Not mine anymore as I am a staunch believer in boycott of all things NUFC until he has waddled off and taken his mates with him ).
    On JFK I think Ashley has played a blinder, the appointment has taken the heat of himself for not buying anyone and Partridge for last years abomination, seriously anyone who thinks JFKs appointment is anything other than a smokescreen for the lack of investment in the playing squad needs a strong cup of coffee, I’ve heard people saying he’s here because he is Mikes mate or he’s here to replace Partridge, bollocks, he’s here because Mike Ashley doesn’t want to buy anyone and stupid Joe is the perfect folly.

    On the season ahead, I predict bottom half, probably a few panic buys in the next window will be enough to keep us up, utterly depressing, I know but true.

    Its not my, or anyone else’s place to tell people to stop going to games but I would love to know what it would take, I see kids with fucking Wonga on there chests and want to cry, perhaps if Ashley changes our colours to red, white and blue people would react and stop pumping money into what was our Club.
    It isn’t possible to support the team and not the regime because by simply being there your financially supporting the regime, so I don’t understand that one.

    Sorry for being so depressing but I cant find much to smile about when it comes to NUFC and to be honest I am a bit bored of the soap opera that being a mag has become.


  15. GORDON YOUNG says:

    Reminds me of Ghost Town – people getting angry!

    I think that we are loyal – too loyal? – but there is a limit, and I see a lot of cheap deals and offers will be needed to get near 50,000 this season.

    Possible scenario : hammered at Man. City, lose at home to Fat Sam´s boys and Cissé picks up a knock and can´t play at Morecambe. we play with no strikers as we can`t risk Shola. Score!? Lose at home to Fulham, Bent scores the winner. Bottom of the league!

    I wouldn´t bet on it but I certainly wouldn´t bet against it.

    Our only hope is that the newly promoted teams are worse than us.

  16. David Claydon says:

    What kind of season do you think we’ll have?
    At best we lose at least 20 games, the majority away from home. Im not expecting a “run” of wins on the bounce, but would like to think we pull at least one or two eye catching wins to balance against the thumpings we will get. I would be pleasantly surprised if the team showed some fight so the fear of relegation is cast aside by March. Injuries could kill this season dead. I also live in fear of yet another bewildering Ashley decision which may counter-act any progress we make. It would be nice to see some players rising through the ranks.

    Where do you think we’ll finish?

    How will we do in the Cup competitions?
    I cant see the players really being up-for-it. We just dont have the luck, so its going to be early round exits, unless we get home draws.

    Will Pardew have learnt the lessons of last season?
    So far the signs are that he hasn’t. I am not hopeful much will actually change in terms of team set up and how we attack games to win. The Braga game was woeful. However, I was pleased to know that we are good at paintball according to John Carver.

    What impact will Kinnear have had?
    I think the “F” part of his name will stand for FAILURE

    How has Ashley made resources available to prepare us for the new season?
    Perhaps the money is there….I dont know, who does? it may be more of a case that JFK has failed so far. I dont think there is a huge amount, but, the failure to address some of our shortcomings is a disgrace thus far.

    What is your mood and that of your Mag compadres going into the new season?
    Apathy. Indifference. Same-old, same-old. Impending embarrassment. Fingers crossed it may not actually be that bad.

  17. Phil Carvoeiro says:

    I actuAlly feel physically sick every time I check the web & there’s no prospect of any new signings. , were a joke club now with a bunch of absolute fuckin imbeciles in charge it’s a recipe for disaster but there’s absolutely nothing (other than a boycott which I’m not trying to promote I’m locked in for 8 years too) we can do. Yes we have great fans but unfortunately I think that has ironically became our Achilles heel because its known fact that we will turn up whatever shite is put in front of us. Excuse the analogy, but lions led by donkeys was never more appropriate in the modern game than here and now

  18. Mikey says:

    Dreading this season…just hoping that in Sissoko we see better things if Pardew plays him right…one player I think can be massive…plus a few bit players…but we know it`s not all about the one player..it`s about the team not the regime…but I fear bottom three within weeks if we get injuries as we are that wafer thin…with all confidence fucked …does not inspire having a wanker like Kinnear giving it the biggun about having the ear of every manager in the world..and Pardew tone turning to one of transfers in the January Window 2014…hello..hello Pardew this one has not even closed yet…

  19. tom says:

    Support the team,not the regime is a canny soundbite and chant but it is utterly impossible!
    If you are there to support the team…you pay for the privilege therefore supporting the regime. Its that simple.
    Expectations for the season?
    Struggle early on after a hammering tomorrow night by Citeh will see Pardew peddled in September….replaced by JfK and a slow death will ensue for the Club (unless the daft old buggers health deteriates first!) relegation a real possibilty.
    Mark the date in my diary at the end of February….if it goes this way,Im done.
    Ive been a season ticket holder since `89 and a regular attender since `81 but Ive had enough…Ashley has succeeded where Seymore and McKeag failed.
    Please sell and get out now Mike.

  20. Matt Flynn says:

    A decent first eleven and a small squad capable of finishing mid table if serious injury to key players can be avoided. A decidedly mediocre manager that has spewed out a torrent of contradictory drivel for two years. A happy shopper inspired transfer policy. The world’s best director of football and an owner who hides in the shadows randomly lobbing shit into the mix. Oh, and some pointless gates bolted to our increasing ugly stadium. Not great is it?

    A solid start should see us muddle through to a lower mid table finish. Any kind of pressure and I can see this being the season what left of the club’s foundations collapse under the mountain of shit that has been building up for the last five years.

  21. GORDON YOUNG says:

    Where to start?
    Well, we look as if we are in deep trouble as Ashley seems to be reeking his awful revenge on us! He´s clawing his money back and gambling on staying up another year, then possibly sell assets and then the club – making a handy profit and leaving us in the lurch as the new owners would be confined by the fair play rules. Mind you, as we would be miles away from the top 6 by then, it probably wouldn´t matter.
    It´s funny how your imagination can play tricks when you´re trying to be so quiet. (for Dylan fans)

    If he is preparing the ground for a sale next year (obviously PURE speculation), then let´s do some calculations!

    He paid 132M with 56M debt (approx.) so 190M. All the other debt was incurred on his watch. He has had at least 30M in free advertising plus he has taken out 11M. If he doesn´t spend on players this season he can probably take out another 20M this financial year. He has probably also used NUFC as a tax loss for S***** D*****, possibly saving ?M

    By my reckoning if we can scrape together 130M (+30M or he won´t go), we could buy the club!! By the way I am only on red wine.

    So 160M for the best club in the world.
    If we can get 51% fan ownership and 49% investors, rich Toon fans!!!?????

    You might think it´s impossible, but we do have the Supporters Trust who are supposed to be working towards this goal (by the way it would be nice to see one).

    In theory, unless he is a very cruel, sadistic person, he will want out so that he can get on with his life.

    I know this is a VERY rambling letter but who knows where ideas can lead?

    Gordon Young

  22. Good lad , good ideas , as you say who knows ? .

  23. Kevin Reay says:

    The solution to the problem is quite simple. Starve Ashley of the ticket money whilst also drawing attention to the situation. it won’t happen, because there are too many selfish fools prepared to carry on with the same old nonsense. Watching MOTD last Saturday night I lost count of the number of WONGA shirts on display in the crowd. The problem lies with these people as much as it does with Ashley. I won’t be back at NUFC while Ashley is here, and haven’t been for almost three years now. Prior to that I was a regular, and have been since 1972. I would not wish to share a stadium with anyone in a WONGA shirt. These people are selfish, and thick as a castle wall. What will it take for them to wake up?

  24. Tom Bates says:

    Agree with Kevin, couldnt believe how many people were criticising Ashley whilst sporting new Wonga emblasoned shirts. Whole families sometimes. We bought pints in the ground so we’re not much better.
    Suprised no one has mentioned that we hadnt a single England qualified player in our starting lineup on Saturday, has that ever happened in a Newcastle team before?

  25. Mick Dixon says:

    Did the fans get a loan from Wonga to get the shirts?
    We have the highest unemployment among young people in the country, so why support loan sharks.
    First time in many many years Ive missed an opening game. The agony will continue but Id rather suffer and stay away if it mean that none of my hard earned wedge pays for that rotten to the core setup, J K wages? or that A£hley having a sup on his yacht!
    Or me getting into bother with folks wearing that shte shirt.
    A player not wanting to play! I thought they were professionals!
    If I dont “want” to work then Id be oot the door!
    And that idiot saying we had a big good squad BEFORE the season started!!
    Stunned. We nearly got relegated!!
    Its you call lads and lasses its a free country. But YOU are supporting the regime. Dont complain,moan or even boo when you are there. Cos you are paying into ashleys system.


  26. Arthur Carrington says:

    If it’s true that Cabaye refused to play in a couple of games then the club should fine him a couple of weeks wages. This should then be distributed to help struggling (financially) local teams such as Gateshead, Darlington and Blyth and other grass root clubs.Club fines just seem to disappear into the wide blue yonder and could have a really positive effect on the local sides.