Divided We Fall

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Just when you thought matters at Newcastle United couldn’t become simultaneously more Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Swansea City v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Liberty Stadiumdepressing and surreal, Joe Kinnear decides to appoint his Mackem mate, Mick Harford to the position of Assistant to him. Harford’s credentials in management and coaching are about as impressive (i.e. shite) as Kinnear’s but the growing fear is Kinnear is now assembling a team that will slot into place when Pardew is sacked/resigns or whatever.

Hares are now running with speculation that Kinnear is deliberately not concluding deals in order to make life difficult for Pardew whilst Pardew is attempting to put pressure on the Director of Football to get deals done and letting the media believe they are imminent. In the meantime, Pardew’s preferred choice for striker, Darren Bent looks like he might be moving to Fulham and our options are narrowing all of the time.

All of this of course seems faintly reminiscent of the situation we had in the summer of 2008 between Kevin Keegan, Derek Llambias, Denis Wise and Tony Jimenez. We all know how that panned out.

The man responsible for all of this crap of course is Mike Ashley with one relegation under his belt already, a close call last season and an apparent air of disinterest for his friends and their football club in the north. TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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11 Responses to Divided We Fall

  1. c peat says:

    Unbelievable we are a laughing stock if pardew has any balls he should tell them to f–k off after carver has stuck the nut on that lanky mackem c–t as he walks through the training ground gates if he doesnt join the queue for a few thousand who will f——g livid ! !

  2. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, jesus christ, we going to be a laughing stock , now we bringing in effing mackems .

  3. Sorry C Peat for plagerising your words , I’m just totally gob smacked and for once in my life just lost for words .

  4. Keith says:

    I really thought at the end of last years mess of a season that we had the opportunity to quietly kick on and fix the problems. If we could find decent backup for Cisse, or a replacement if needed, and give the new lads some time to settle into the club since they were dropped into a white hot pressure in the new year, I thought we had a decent squad and with some time to gel could be a solid foundation. And then came JFK; reminding me which club I support.

  5. Paul H. says:

    The answer to all our problems is in yesterdays obnoxious article in The Independent which Michael quickly latched onto and circulated to all and sundry resulting in the anti semitism slur being omitted from later editions.
    I quote “There’s no question: if you get on the wrong side of him (Ashley) he’s not a very nice man.”
    We have dared to show Ashley that we, in the main, disagree with the way he is running our club. He’s pissed off and the result is we are now his plaything. He is the cat and we are the mouse. Everything he does is now dedicated to exasperate us.
    Par example; after our ‘successful’ season when we finished 5th did we build on it by improving the squad. You know the answer.
    After recently avoiding relegation by the skin of our teeth our joy at eluding the drop angered him so much that he thought long and hard about what would annoy us more than Championship football. A moment of evil brilliance provided the answer. Top man JFK. a person who would be reviled in Geordie folklore if he wasn’t such a joke. Imagine Ashleys joy watching us squirm with embarrasment everytime the chosen one opened his mouth.
    Not satisfied with that he decided that Kinnear needed an assistant. The ideal candidate was Charlie Hurley – Mackem hero and out of football for 35 years but Joe didn’t have his number so the second choice was Mick Harford. Nobodys hero but a Mackem by birth who has knowledge of how to piss us off at the toon having played a handful of games for us in the early 80’s. A centre forward ranking somewhere between Billy Whitehurst and Frank Pingel he left an indelible impression an all who saw him but his Premiership coaching experience would make up for that.
    I wait with baited breath for our next surprise.
    The upsetting part of this saga is that for years I stuck up for Ashley believing that such a successful business man with a financial plan would eventually bring success to our club after the years of pointless profligacy practised by FFS. I couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t want to be as accomplished at running a football club as he had been running his business.
    I was wrong.
    I think he bought our club with that intention but I now believe that the Cockney Mafia protests, which I thought were unjustified at that time, made him try to sell the club and when that failed he set out to make our lives unbearable. Nobody is going to buy our club for the money he wants so we are stuck with him. My main worry is that he (as the cat) gets tired of annoying us (the mouse) and decides just to dump us taking the loss just for the pleasure of seeing us cry.
    Can he do that? I mean just close us down.

  6. Mikey says:

    Seriously ..where is our club going…I am expecting news any day now that Pardew has gone…Harford …a slogger …a yes man…who really is going to take any notice of him…Cashley Ashley must really dislike us…for the first time in a very long time I am not looking forward to the new season….on current form we are fcked …Yep can see it now …cJFK sending Harford out to do the talking on MOTD….yeah we’re fcked

  7. Mick Dixon says:

    I cant believe what is going on, it just gets worse. While I was on hol in a bar with all diferent supporters from all over Wales, England, Scotland for the first time I felt ashamed to say I supported the Toon. Folk just looked bewildered and grinned at the mess we have created. I didnt hear one positive comment, and to be honest I couldnt provied on either.
    I fear and expect the worst.

  8. David Chapman says:

    The shocking thing for me is that anybody is shocked at what Ashley does.. We had our chance to rid ourselves of this spiteful disgusting man years ago, amongst my mates we made a pact after the SJP park fiasco that we would boycott the club, out of eight of us myself and one other has managed it.
    It hasn’t been easy, Derby days the hardest but I do believe the only way to get rid of this walking abomination is to hit him in the pocket, then and only then will the soul return to OUR club.

    Please lads and lasses now is the time, this isn’t going to get better until we make a united front and stop funding our beloved clubs destruction.

  9. Mikey says:

    So Harford knocked us back…So JFK cannot even get a 50+ Striker to sign…and to say he was recruiting Harford to look at future british talent…I love to know what drugs Kinnear is on….

  10. Got to agree Mikey , when a tosser mackem has been , wont come to the toon well that must tell a story . Could you imagine some one of the poor caliber of Hartford knocking back a chance to go to a team like one of the Mans / Chelsea. Arsenal et al , he prefers to stay with Millwall in a minor role , what does that say about the manegement at the Toon , God help us.

  11. Matt Flynn says:

    Got to give Harford a bit of credit for a dignified and diplomatic rebuttal. Totally at odds with the tacky and crass maelstrom of clueless shite the regime he won’t be joining excels in.