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We will happily publish the details of any “supporter” who has chosen to pimp their tickets Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Newcastle United v Stoke City - Sports Direct Arenafor the forthcoming derby match at St James’ Park online via Viagogo or any other Spiv-site.

It is absolutely deplorable fellow fans should behave in this way. It will be a minority of “supporters” doubtless because generally speaking we are above all this garbage.

All correspondence to

Obviously Newcastle United FC should have no truck whatsoever with these kinds of sites but I know no-one will be listening to this at all.


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2 Responses to The Derby – STOP THE SPIVS!

  1. gazza says:

    anybody who does that doesnt deserver to call themselves a fan of of this club we all love

  2. TONY SLATER says:

    The anger that was felt yesterday, and subsequently regarding this issue is massive. there is a SMALL minority of people who for one reason or another will be unable to get to the game for the derby, I can understand these people passing their ticket on at face value. these people that are PIMPING Tickets are club members? Why? Why would you do that anyway, for THAT game? But then why would you buy a ticket, for the derby, and then sell it? ludicrous absolutely ludicrous, these people should be thrown out of the members club, as they clearly don’t support OUR club!