Derby Day Memories #2

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We are doing a run through of Derby experiences with some of our regular writers this wseek but by all means feel free to post your nostalgia from trips to Wearside in the comments boxes under the articles and of course craic on about what our people have to say about the game.
Yesterday, Wallace Wilson gave us some 1960s stuff you think about and today’s turn is Yasser Arafat look-a-like our much loved Durham Mag, Dave Ted Edwards of the Bearpark PLO.
First Visit to Sunderland for a derby 
April 8th 1985 and a drab 0-0 but the day Newcastle United took the Fulwell End. Electric atmosphere and LiamOadrenaline pumping like never before on the way in and happy to get home afterwards. It was a bit of a gap till 1990 for my next one – another 0-0 in the play-offs. The least said about the other game, the better!
Thoughts towards Sunderland, the club and its fans
I’ve grown to dislike mackem townies about as much as some of my mackem mates from Durham do. I’ve never really been bothered by the club as such although during a visit to the Stad du Plop for a mates daughter’s Christening party, my new born son had a piss on one of the leather couches in the main stand. I didn’t clean it up and giggled to myself for days afterwards. Living in Durham, I have quite a few mackem mates and the majority are good lads who have been through a lot following their club. I’m not sure if I could have ever put up with the shite they have. Probably like most othet Mags who have regular contact with mackems, I find the big gob tossers who don’t even go to the games to be the biggest pricks by a country mile. It can get a bit dicey around the town on Derby day but thankfully, I’m normally at the game so don’t have to put up with the crap!
What kind of state do you think they are in right now? 
They seem to be desperately chasing a quick fix to a massive problem. They sacked a 45 year old foreign hot head manager and replaced him with a 45 year old foreign hot head manager. They look desperate as a side but I never take anything for granted. We must be on it and inflict as much pain as is physically possible on Sunday. I’m not sure if I want to see them go down or not though. The fear a trepidation on Derby day is surely worth more than a mundane visit to Hull or Stoke. Then again, I would enjoy it!
All time loathed Sunderland figure and why? 
Michael Gray is a prick and epitomises everything I detest about Sunderland. I actually took great pleasure at his penelty miss in their play off final against Charlton. I once bumped into him on holiday in Cyprus and he was a cunt of the highest order.
Best ever moment in Sunderland for a derby match. 
‘I fancy Liam O’Brien over the wall’ – still sends a tingle down my spine now
Biggest derby buzz over at Sunderland 
The pure adrenelin rush of early morning beers, the trip through there and the passion of being with your own on enemy soil is a buzz that never gets tired. I get more fearful of derby day defeats every year as our stock falls under the stewardship of Ashley and Kinnear. The games have become more important as a result of our fall from grace and that’s a bit depressing to be honest.
Prediction for the result
If we can get a good start and an earlyish goal, I can see us winning 2-0 or even 3-0 if they collapse like they have all season. Mind you, I’d still take a scoring draw right now! TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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