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Everyone involved with this fanzine was concerned to discover the extent of David Ginola’s health problems and we all tf125_ipad_ginolaobviously send our best wishes to one of the greatest players to turn out in a Black & White shirt. The fondness we have David is reciprocated and evidenced by the warmth of how our French favourite talks about his time at United but also his frequent returns to a city and region which took him to its heart.

As the fates would have it, in the current issue of true faith, our man, Marc Corby produced a superb piece of nostalgia dedicated to David Ginola which we have promoted previously but it seems timeous to do so again.

But once more, all the best to a much loved servant of Newcastle United Football Club and we hope to see David back on his feet soon and maybe taking in a match at St James’ Park (hint to United, get the invite ready).

You can get at the David Ginola piece in true faith (issue 125) by clicking here. 

Of course you can get to the full issue by simply clicking on the image below. true faith is completely FREE and works superbly on any device you care to name. Its particularly good on tablets and i-pads. true faith is Newcastle United’s longest running and largest fanzine. It is also the most widely read, independent, fans’-led publication in the UK. It is produced by Newcastle United supporters for Newcastle United supporters.

We all hope you enjoy it.




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2 Responses to DAVID GINOLA – Best Wishes

  1. Joe Hawkins says:

    There were conflicting reports yesterday as to what had really happened with some outlets saying he had just collapsed from heat exhaustion.
    The latest state of play seems to suggest he did have a heart attack but because his mates were there and administered CPR they saved his life.
    Apparently when the paramedics arrived Mr Ginola had to be jump started a few times as well so it was as serious as that !

    The latest is he had to have a quadrupal heart bypass but has come through the operation very well by all accounts.
    It just goes to show that it might have been different for Pavel if he hadn’t been on his own at the time of his attack.

    Get well soon David.

  2. tomb says:

    Exactly right Joe he is very lucky to be alive by all accounts. Similar situation to Pavel but as Daveed collapsed with others around him his life was saved sadly Pavel was alone I believe when he collapsed. Great memories from that era. I was never comfortable with Ginola being booed when he came back with Tottenham as I believe Dalglish forced him out as said before he loved Newcastle.