Bubble and Squeak #2

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Things have become quite surreal in the true faith bunker lately as we’ve been receiving quite cuffspleasant e-mails from Sunderland supporters concerning the disgraceful decision by the Police and Sunderland AFC to declare our forthcoming derby match with them at St James’  Park as a “bubble trip” (i.e. tickets for the game only issued on official travel).

Here are a couple of letters we’ve received from Sunderland fans and here is a link to a piece from the Sunderland webzine, Roker Report that we think pretty much sums everything up. It is an excellent piece of writing.

We are hoping to meet a few like-minded people over the next day or so to plan what can be done. We will so everything we possibly can to support the rights of football supporters (Sunderland or anyone else) and we will oppose this Bubble trip in every legal way possible.

We’ll let you know what’s happening as soon as there is an agreed plan of action and we’ll likely be asking for your support. 


Dear tf,

I have just read your article on True Faith, now as a Sunderland fan (Season ticket holder)  i agree 110% with what your saying.

Living in Barnard Castle but been a massive Sunderland Fan, makes most of mates been Mags.  I will (un) fortunately quite easily qualify for a ticket at St Jame’s.

As an “Ordinary” Sunderland fan, do you not think we should stand together with our forthcoming “Bubble trip”.

I don’t personally expect any sort of reply from you.

But I am hoping I will do as I am absolutely narked to put it very  politeley. Is there nothing we can do?

I look forward to hearing from you ASAP.

Best wishes,

Andrew Thompson

Dear tf,

As a Sunderland fan true faith isn’t the type of publication I usually find myself reading, however I was pleased to see that opposition to this bubble trip arrangement is something that all football fans can agree on. I was wondering whether you’d seen this thread on readytogo.net


which has some talk of cooperation between fans to oppose the plans. I’d hate to see these sort of travel arrangements become permanent in football fixtures so I just thought I’d send you a link to that thread and let you know I fully agree with your article published yesterday.

Kind Regards,

George Johnston TF_INITIALS_LOGO


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4 Responses to Bubble and Squeak #2

  1. Tony Higgins says:

    Maybe I’m getting older but I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot more going on in the world more important than football. I was in Bilbao recently to see Athletic and there are no more fervent fans than theirs.

    Tonight (05/01/14) sees the Basque derby between Real Sociedad and Athletic, please read a quote from this article

    http://bilbao.theoffside.com/team-news/the-forgotten-derby-returns-real-sociedad-vs-athletic-club.html ….” Due to their shared Basque identity, this is also no Old Firm match (seriously, do you think you’d ever see a Rangers fan alongside a Celtic fan as pictured below?)- the derby is largely considered more of a friendly rivalry. Though I can’t say that the clubs and their respective fans love each other, they certainly don’t hate each other, and the atmosphere at Basque Derbies is largely considered to be friendly. ”

    Maybe, for the good of our region reputation, we should take a leaf from the BAsque book?

    • Steven Mitchell says:

      To me, the heart of this issue is not about the rivalry. Its not about them and us, Sunderland and Newcastle.
      Its simply about basic rights, and not being treat like a criminal, simply on the grounds of being a football fan, not to mention the non practicality of it, and the trouble it makes for fans who dont live in Sunderland.
      The dark days of football are supposedly long gone, this seems to suggest the police and certain others think not.

  2. Tom Pitt says:

    It made me laugh when the police moved the game to a 12.45 kick off to avoid a repeat of last years trouble…..when the game kicked off at Noon!!
    As for the “bubble trip” I agree that its a disgrace,regardless of whether its our fans or theirs.
    I know several sunderland fans who live in Ashington….they presumably will have to travel to sunderland and then come back through to Newcastle then repeat the process afterwards. Rediculous!!
    I always use the (used to be) free buses when we go to the SoS but thats my choice and it should always be a choice not something forced upon fans.

  3. mikey says:

    I’m fucking furious about this. The Police, despite the PR and ‘oh we only care about your safety’ have complete contempt for football fans and always have done.

    They are using the bother last year as an excuse. They see us as vermin, cattle, an irritation and trouble, and always have done. Its a class thing and is in every aspect of football right from ticket prices, getting chucked out for standing up, ridiculous amounts of banning orders for simple exuberance and sanitised football grounds.

    Football fans have always had their rights suspended and treated like second class citizens.

    Never trust the police and always remember Hillsborough. They never have our interests at heart.