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When I started to put this together I thought, excuse the pun, but isn’t time we put the Villa relegation bed sheet thing to bed. I mean it’s not like us lads at true faith are the type to hold petty grudges……cough. Then I thought fuck it, no it isn’t time to forget.  It’s a fact that they don’t like us and we certainly don’t like them. I never enjoy trips to the West Midlands, I find it dull (almost as much as their droning accent) and the Polis were always over enthusiastic back in the day.
So with that in mind lets start off with a bit of “lest we forget”……….

……..and then lets have a bit of revenge, so so so sweet!!!!!

Then finally I thought I’d better be a little bit objective. The two clubs have shared many players over the years, Given, Solano, Hughes, Millner, Ireland and others. But below is a little reportage of a player who played in an unremarkable era for United but went on to win the European Cup, in 1982, with the Villans…..his name is Peter Withe.  Peter was the man of the match in the final and scored the winning goal in a golden era for English clubs in Europe.
Great footage here of him scoring goals for United (watch for the dog on the pitch!) and the other clip is his winning goal in the European Cup final.

SHIT ON THE VILLA!….never forget or forgive!
Andre Marty

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