ASHLEY OUT – Spurs (h) Boycott

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An idea which has sprung up via social media in the days following the cowardly surrenderAshley4 at Sunderland appears to have caught fire and now has the backing of the new Ashley Out group – that is for supporters to boycott the home game with Spurs on Sunday 19/Apr/15 with a KO of 4pm.

This call for a boycott isn’t as a result of one derby defeat or even a fifth successive derby defeat. The call for a boycott of one game comes from the frustration that Newcastle United under Mike Ashley is no longer a meaningful sporting institution, that it has no sporting ambition and exists solely as a revenue channel for Ashley and an advertising opportunity for his businesses. It is a zombie football club.

The Spurs boycott is underpinned by a  call for Ashley to sell the club and for it to be given a fresh ownership with a new direction and fresh hope.

Don’t be conned by the lies there is no-one interested in buying Newcastle United. We know there have been and we know there will be again. Ashley isn’t trying to sell United at present.

Like some of you reading this I have already paid in advance for my ticket for Spurs as I’m a season ticket holder. Ashley already has my money but the sight of swathes of empty seats for the SKY cameras can send a message to the football community, at home and abroad will send a clear message about this man’s toxic ownership of a much-loved football institution.

It is my understanding that this boycott action will be the first of many for months, possibly years to come and all will be designed to remove Ashley from our club. I don’t think anyone believes Ashley can be removed overnight and that only persistent, inventive and resolute opposition to him can get him out of our club.

In the days leading towards the Spurs boycott I believe there will be more information about what might happen on the day. All protests will be peaceful and within the law I am confident of that.

We urge those who participate within the Spurs boycott not to simply away from St James’ Park but to actively engage in the actions as they come to be announced. If you are one of the many thousands who have already walked away from Ashley’s Zombie football club then I urge you to follow the protests and join with them on the day.

Further than that, none of the organisers can get round to every single supporter to argue in favour of the boycott. That is why those of you need to be arguing the boycott case with your fellow fans, face to face, sending them text messages, explaining what is happening in the pub, on the bus, in the chip shop queue, where-ever.

This boycott doesn’t belong to any one individual, fanzine, supporters group or any of that. The boycott comes from supporters and it is the most dramatic way of sending a message to Ashley that he is not wanted here and he should sell the club and go.

It’s often been a bugbear of mine that we have fans with loads of ideas about how to oppose Ashley. Ideas are fine but they require action to follow them up. If you have an idea to oppose Ashley, just do it. No-one needs permission. You don’t need anyone’s approval.

It is down to us to make this work. It is down to everyone of us to boycott the Spurs game in what will be the first of many actions to persuade Ashley to go.

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34 Responses to ASHLEY OUT – Spurs (h) Boycott

  1. Andrew Thompson says:

    Great idea that should have been done a long time ago. I’m a season ticket holder (although I’ve cancelled for next season) but I’m happy to miss this one as it’s time the fans looked at the bigger picture. Hope it’s a success. The way they went about the SackPardew campaign was excellent but everyone knows the fat parasite is the real problem here so hopefully they can do something similar.

  2. Andy A says:

    Second paragraph hits the nail squarely on the heed for me. Also, this idea will only take off with coordination on a large scale, which I sincerely hope will happen. The backing of a publication like TF can only help, and it may seem daunting now, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

  3. Peter Willis says:

    Bang on Michael!!!!

  4. Mick says:

    I walked out of my seat against Cardiff and have only been to one home game since then and will only go back if to protest. I will be more than happy to turn up on the day and not go in and will bring a few others who have either stopped going all together or still go but will miss this match.

    We need to get our club back and sitting on our arses or moaning on twitter, facebook and message boards is not enough, we all need to stand up and be counted.

    Sir Bobby once said:

    What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.

    Bobby summed it up perfectly for me so let’s start taking it back, bit by bit.

  5. rich says:

    Playing devils advocate, i thought the sackpardew campaign was embarrassing. We all know who the real culprit is. Ashley should have been targeted from the off. The effect from the ashleyout campaign now will be diluted.Outside the area just think of us as now having something else to whine about. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

    • Matt Flynn says:

      Charnley, Bishop, Moncur, Beardsley, Totalsport and wide range of self serving media outlets. Doesn’t the Devil have enough advocates on the payroll already?

  6. Mick says:


    Will you support the boycotting of the game? The only way this will be diluted is if we as fans allow it to be. Basically, it’s our one and only chance to make a difference. It’s up to us to decide if we’re going to allow this to fail or not. If the Spurs game boycott works then it can be the beginning of the end for Ashley. If this fails at the first hurdle then we’re screwed and will have to accept anything Ashley wants to throw at us.

    We can’t and must not allow this to fail.

    • rich says:

      Mick, don’t get me wrong i support any action. I don’t live in the region so i see how the fans and their actions are perceived by others.

  7. Ken Brown says:

    My first ever match at SJP was in 1948 and since that time I missed very few games. However, I chucked off at the end of the 5th top season after watching mostly crap football giving us some very lucky results but mainly because I had had enough of our Arselicking, Bullshitting, Egotistical, Moronic manager but also knowing full well that the main cancer at our Club was FATSO.
    I have sent a small donation to the Ashley Out campaign and very much endorse their campaign and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments you write about above.
    I will try to spread the word as much as possible between now and the Spurs match.
    We must keep up and escalate the pressure until FATSO and his lickspittles have gone.

  8. Reg Burlam says:

    Bang on! The difficulty and focus now is getting every group, and every fan involved all on the same page and doing the same thing. That much is imperative. It has to be clear, consistent and simple. Also it needs media support and exposure, many attendees will not see the websites or social media, they will be blind to it until the day arrives and then they will go. We need to find a way of spreading that around.

  9. mikey says:

    Well said. I’m not going. Its only one match, and christ it’ll be shit.

    The premier league always states it needs full stadiums as part of its global product. It has an impact to see empty stadiums. It *IS* powerful.

    Just one game lads. Don’t go. And lets see if we can build towards something!

  10. I gave up my season ticket after being booted out of level 7 but I hope those who have them still boycott- I’ll be speaking to mates about it and I’ll get myself along for protests on the day. Even if some people choose to go to the match I hope they delay it- if no one goes in the ground then kick-off will be delayed, that won’t make Sky happy.

    • Rob says:

      Why would kick-off be delayed with no-one in the ground? Genuine question, is it like a safety ruling or something?

  11. Chris Steel says:


  12. John Winder says:

    Great idea that I hope is an unqualified success.

    However, the very people who whinge and moan about Ashley, will hand over their £550 year after year, on the premise that “the fat Basxxxd wont ruin my day out”

    That is the problem, they cant see Ashley’s contempt for them and that he must kill him self laughing at them calling him, then handing over another £550.

    A drastic change of mind-set needed for any boycott etc to work.

    Lets hope….

  13. Pat Hughes says:

    I won’t be in the ground for that match nor will I be in the ground next season – had it, finished, given in but I’ll gladly support any future protests. I don’t blame anyone who just can’t give up but a prolonged and vigorous rendition of You FCB from inside …. would be good to hear outside. I’ve used the excuse of supporting the players on the pitch for a few seasons now but they can get stuffed too, they’re not interested in playing for me anymore.

  14. Rob says:

    I am all for this.
    How are the organisers going to attempt to get the point across to the tens of thousands of fans who will be going to SJP who are not users of social media? We’ve seen before that stuff typed on the internet does not translate into the same feeling for many of those attending the game- is there some plan to distribute flyers or something to those heading up to the ground?

  15. Paul French says:

    Heres my idea that will get good media reaction.
    Carver has five years to run on his contract so the synopsis is that no matter who the new head coach is they will be stuck with Carver as penny pinching Mr Ashley will not be willing to pay him off.
    So in additon to the Ashley out campaign set up a cash donation campaign so the fans can give the club the funds to terminate his contract forthwith.
    This will let the club and the football world know how fed up we are.
    Carver and his coaching staff have always been a big part of the problem not the solution.
    Look how well Pardews doing at Palace because they have decent coaching staff.

    Anyway its an idea, comments appreciated.

  16. Graeme says:

    Hopefully the start of a campaign which will see our club end up in the hands of someone who realises what they have and how big the club could become.
    I chucked my season ticket 4 years ago but will join the protests before the Spurs game and as many as it takes to make our voices heard.

  17. David Edwards says:

    After 31 years a ST holder and many years before that as ‘pay at the gate’ I finally cancelled my ST after last season and haven’t been back and won’t do until that FCB goes. I will join any meaningful protest.

  18. Steve says: have taken a very ‘sit on the fence’ stance. They rightly say they can’t tell people what to do and that’s totally correct, but would it be so tough for them to say they personally support it. Am sure their pull is relatively large and their site read by loads I Newcastle fans. See this is a problem in itself. The campaign needs togetherness. I will boycott the spurs game and protest too but we need everyone pulling together

    • Marc Corby says:

      Slightly harsh Steve as they’re promoted the idea, linked the main site and advised what to do for those not on social media.
      For me that’s ‘supporting’ it without actually wanting to take the lead. Why should they? It look’s as this is ‘idea’.

      Personally, me and a few lads decided not to go back again this season after Sunday’s no show so the Season Tickets will go to waste. (No point in selling them as it makes no difference to the actual boycott!)

      At least we can do something and join any protests around SJP and feel like we are doing ‘something’ though.

      • Steve says:

        I love I think the work they do is phenomenal, I still feel they could give their personal stance as they have a large influence on fans. Just my opinion though!

        • Marc Corby says:

          Fair play Steve. Hopefully we can gain the soul back to this once great football club.

          I for one will be sharing the plans to the 6k followers on my Nostalgic NUFC Page.

          The majority on their gave up a long time ago.

  19. Peter Shearer says:

    If those of us who are boycotting are willing to turn up at the Spurs game for a protest outside the stadium, this may well encourage some of the more undecided to join us,assuming we are a large presence. We just need to build momentum and be ready for a few Ashley tricks.Stand firm!

    • Marc Corby says:

      I was going to simply not go, but now there is a ‘purpose’ to not go by ‘going’ and protesting in numbers outside.

      As per the march and walkout last season, it interest in ‘doing something over nothing’ is gradually growing and I hope this time we will be talking of thousands involved and not a few hundred.

  20. Tom Bates says:

    Agree with John Winder, I worry though that there will still be 45000 turn up on the premise they are supporting the team, always think thats an excuse for people who just arent prepared to give up a matchday.

    • jack says:

      I’m a season ticket holder and haven’t been to a game since New year and won’t be back next season. The main reason is Ashley and the general running of the club. However unfortunately I dont see this working similar ideas in the past have failed our fan base hasn’t got the appetite for it. when I hear the cliche of toon army the best supporters in the land and so on it makes me cringe. Be honest look around you at the game a large minority of our fans are absolut tools. Then there’s the 10,000 or so who amble in late and leave early every game add that to the day tripers and stag parties and straight away there’s at least half of the match going fans that won’t take part. I walked out at the cardiff game last season after the the planning and talk only a handfull left unfortunately for all I want this to work I think with our crowd getting 15000 even to boycott would be at least a starting point but it can’t just be forgotten if we win a couple of games which of course is always the case.

  21. Alex w says:

    I would not presume to criticise anybody who wants to take a stand against the Ashley regime, but I do think the real problem lies with the premier league itself which is a shamelessly uncompetitive competition barely deserving being categorised as sport. These days people are really buying into the premier league brand, rather than supporting their chosen team in the traditional sense. By that token, I suspect that Ashley’s main market will remain unmoved by the boycott campaign, and the spurs attendance will only be slightly reduced – I could be wrong, and I will be happy to be so. The brand is sold almost exclusively on the back of billions spent on players by the likes of man city and Chelsea, a situation supported by the likes of Ashley and other owners because they are profiting from it with relatively little investment via the obscene TV money. The fact that only 3 teams have any prospect at all of winning the league is irrelevant, because owners continue to profit, the brand continues to grow and a majority of people seem to love the brand, in the same way that they might love X factor, which has much more in common with the pl now, than the modern pl does with its own pre 2000 incarnation. The outlook does not look good, but maybe a coordinated campaign with supporters of other clubs might make a difference if it was loud enough, but I fear it will be a long, hard struggle to force the hands of the many powerful interested parties who have significant vested interests in maintaining the status quo. For my part, in the short term I would welcome a return to the championship and the football league which at least retains some degree of sporting integrity, and would have the added bonus of putting a significant dent in the Ashley finances and sports direct marketing programme.

    All the best.

  22. […] of @NUFC_Stats but has been fully endorsed by the group as well as by The Mag and True Faith and many other important NUFC groups. have certainly run with the idea and launched […]

  23. […] of @NUFC_Stats but has been fully endorsed by the group as well as by The Mag and True Faith and many other important NUFC groups. have certainly run with the idea and launched […]

  24. John Mack says:

    Sadly this is a complete waste of time that will only plunge the club deeper into relegation troubles.
    Boycott games and your season ticket will be revoked forever
    Ashley saved the club from doing a Leeds so just bide your time for him to sell in the years ahead.

  25. stevie mac says:

    ‘Boycott games and your season ticket will be revoked for ever’. What an utter load of shit. Bide your time and Ashley will destroy NUFC completely.

  26. andy says:

    i would rather have done a Leeds than put up with zombie club