MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Reading, St James’ Park, 17/Aug/16, KO 7:45pm.

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Will you all please calm down.  Maybe not all of you.  Maybe some of you.  Possibly none of you.  United are going up this season.  Rafa Benitez is our manager.  Two poor performances and results will be long forgotten come May.

The team is patched up.  Players starting who may not even make the bench come mid September.  The reaction at the GF Advert -3end of Huddersfield was ridiculous.  Who booed?  Why?  rafa Benitez is trying to build a dynasty and you’re ‘venting your frustration’.  Piss off.

SJP needs to be supportive.  Hostile to the opposition.  Wednesday is a great chance for the team and fans to redeem themselves.  It’s gone really badly so far.  Rafa has said it.  Things will change.  It will get better.  Hopefully this week.  Maybe next.  All our dreams came true.  Compare us to this time last year under McClaren.  Think of this time next year.

Paul Dummet is a struggling left back.  Anita isn’t a winger.  Rafa knows – he’s trying to fix it.  Shelvey blows hot and cold.  Ritchie looks class.  The rest not so good.  Get behind the lads.  Another game.  Another chance.

Reading were beaten 2 0 at Wolves.  They’re beatable.  They’ve a new manager in Jaap Staam I know little about.  They’ll be up for it as Hudersfield were but most likely not backed by 3,200.  Let’s beat them, and if we don’t – fine. It’ll happen for us, soon.

 Prediction 2 1 United

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6 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Reading, St James’ Park, 17/Aug/16, KO 7:45pm.

  1. James says:

    Without doubt we all believe in Rafa and are pleased to see many much needed changes finally happening at the club but no-one can deny the first two performances so far of this season have been worse than we could have possibly imagined. Something just doesn’t seem right and whatever it is needs identifying and fixing fast as we cannot afford to keep dropping points, especially against poor teams such as Fulham & Huddersfield.

    Do we think we can just now turn it on at the flick of a switch tomorrow night ? Let’s hope so…

  2. mikey says:


    Everyone needs to chill the fuck out.

  3. Peter Shearer says:

    We all agree it is too early -but that does not prevent people having an opinion on what they have seen so far.It has not been impressive and there is a lot of work to do. We all trust Rafa, but I think perhaps he himself has slightly underestimated the job of getting out of this division. It is clear we need a major form upturn of what we have got or we still need new blood. I don’t think Newcastle fans really do “chilled”. Patience perhaps!

  4. Rob says:

    I was a season ticket holder from 82. I walked away the season before the last relegation, vowing never to go back until a certain person was gone. But, combined with the feel good factor and the son being home on leave, decided to pay £102 for me and him to go into the Platinum club for Saturdays game. As we all know it didn’t go to plan. But for me, the real spoiler on the day was the 4 fucking idiots behind me who took apart every single Newcastle player and Rafa over the 90 minutes. 5 minutes in, Gayle, Dummet and Shelvey were “fucking shite”. At the start of the 2nd half, Rafa was “gone before Christmas”
    I could understand if the numbnuts were “young uns” but I’m 54 and the 4 musketeers were all older than me. Christ man, with “supporters” like them it’s no wonder players are like rabbits in the headlights as the 1st poor touch being met with moans and jeers.
    As mentioned in previous posts, chill out and bite your bloody lip before having a go.

    • Tom says:

      Some are expecting instant success. I sit in Gallowgate east corner and at 2:30-3:00pm on Saturday I witnessed a fantastic backing of the team, flags and songs! By 5pm i witnessed 2 scarves thrown on to the pitch and a load of booing!

      It’s gonna be a long long season and those who want us top of the league now with a +10 goal difference might as well stay at home and ‘tweet’ their emotions, let’s not forget that Sheff Wed beat us with relative ease at home last season so it’s not the Sunday league kick about many think….my opinion is that it will take at least 10 games for Rafa to work this league out and find a suitable best 11 to tackle it.

      We look confused in our approach (lack of attacking mindedness, long ball game with minimal physical presence and severe low confidence hangover from last season) but let’s have faith it will be fixed!

  5. tomb says:

    I think we will go up but its dangerous to assume its going to happen because we have a good manager. I actually think Chris Hughton is a better manager at this level whereas Rafa is better suited to the top flight. That could be total tosh but just a feeling. It is only two defeats but its defeats to two of the weaker sides in the Division last year and the performances have been poor. I would expect it will be a lot tighter than our last promotion season. Don’t agree with the booing either but I’d like to think it was directed at our regular poor performers rather than the manager. After tonights game we play a lot of the stronger teams on paper so I think it will take another month or so before we put a proper run of wins together.