THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Never Mind The Bollocks – 29/Mar/15


It appears to be starting in earnest. As if the bull-shit and lies peddled by the major political parties wasn’t bad enough, for some reason football is getting in on the act and none more so than at Newcastle United of course. You will remember at the last Fans Forum, that over-promoted self-server, Lee Charnley responded to a clumsily put question about the sale of the land at Strawberry Place as of little direct concern to Newcastle United and attempted to muddy the waters on the issue of ownership. If you can’t remember what was said, remind yourself by having … Continue reading

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Some of the happiest memories I have of following Newcastle United have been at semi-finals. The first I can recall, I wasn’t even at – the FA Semi Final of 1974 at Hillsborough. As I am increasingly reminded I am entering the realms of old gadgie territory, ’74 was back in the days before wall to wall TV coverage of football. The semi-finals weren’t televised. I remember vividly playing 3-pots-in on the field near my back gate on the estate I lived on as a kid. Tyneside had been alive with the FA Cup run and the anticipation of the … Continue reading

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FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS FEDERATION – Fans’ voice heard as Premier League promise £1bn

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Today the Football Supporters’ Federation led the “Share TV Wealth” demonstration at the Premier League’s shareholder meeting, demanding cheaper tickets, more money for grassroots football and a more equitable distribution of money throughout the pyramid. Following that meeting, the Premier League has announced increased funding for grassroots facilities, solidarity payments to lower leagues, sporting and educational initiatives, and support of disadvantaged groups. Significantly, there is also a new commitment to funding work in relation to the matchday experience and fan engagement. The total spending in these five areas represents £1bn of the £5.14bn TV deal. The announcement of these increased … Continue reading

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There is no Newcastle United this weekend. You can hear the sighs of relief across the North East. But there is plenty of great football on offer to a discerning Geordie palette. The hot ticket will be down at North Shields when The Robins will face Highworth Town in the second leg of their FA Vase Semi Final with a 1-0 advantage. It is all set up for a brilliant afternoon at Daren Persson Park. At least 1600 lucky ticket holders will descend on the Northern League ground ready to roar The Reds to their first Wembley Final since 1969. … Continue reading

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NORTHERN THREADS – New Arrivals | Grenson Stanley Brogues


Grenson Shoes have been alive and kicking since the 1860’s in Northamptonshire. We honour their hard work and craftsmanship that is still continuing to this day and we are proud stockists here at Northern Threads. We present their latest arrival to us this Spring/summer15, from their hand painted collection. Instead of using the normal leathers that are tanned to the specified colour, they use special neutral calf leather and then colour it once the shoe is made. This way they can create any colour they like but also the finish has a hand made look as every pair is slightly … Continue reading

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true faith : NORTH SHIELDS – All Together Now!


In our personal lives we often struggle to live up to the expectations of others and ourselves. We often transpose our hopes into a sporting team; a place where we feel we can escape and be part of the crowd, be safe in numbers and united in a shared identity and a common cause. For me, supporting Newcastle United – as it was for generations of Tyneside folk – encapsulated all that need for a sense of community and hope. If it was about winning trophies we would have all wrapped in years ago. However, I did walk away some … Continue reading

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true faith – GIRL AFRAID


BRITISH INVASION It must be a sign of getting old, but this weekend I have been to 2 parties. The first, the Golden Wedding of a friends parents and the second a 70th Birthday of a family friend. It used to be 18th and 21st birthday parties, what’s happened? However partying with the older generations has its upside, there is always plenty of outstanding music. The hosts had chosen the music well, from what they call ‘their era’, sounds from the 60s. Born in 1966 I often wonder if I was born in the wrong decade, as my first memories … Continue reading

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Football Supporters Federation – SHARE THE TV WEALTH

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The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) will lead a demonstration of fans in central London tomorrow (Thursday 26th March 2015) as they lobby the Premier League shareholders meeting for a greater share of TV wealth. The FSF will deliver an open letter to all Premier League clubs arguing for cheaper tickets for home and away fans and a fairer distribution of football’s wealth throughout the Football League, non-league, and grassroots. A letter organised by the FSF and co-signed by fans’ groups from each of the 20 Premier League outfits will also be handed over to club representatives demanding better deals for away … Continue reading

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true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST


Welcome once again to the true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST.  The weekly aural treat has become a necessity for Mags who like to listen in on fellow Mags having a good natter about the goings on at Newcastle United, the Premier League and the football world at large. You might agree, disagree but we think you will always be interested in the opinions and thoughts of people who are at most games and talk about what they see first hand. There is going to be some extra special news regards the WEEKLY PODCAST very soon as it appears our lads are … Continue reading

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Seven years ago today (Wednesday 25 March), Sir Bobby Robson announced he was launching a charity to help find more effective ways to detect and treat cancer. Initially set up to raise £500,000 to equip a cancer drug trials centre, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation continues to go from strength-to-strength, directly benefitting cancer patients from across the North East and Cumbria and playing a significant role in the international fight against the disease. Today, the charity is marking its anniversary by announcing a new fundraising total of £8 million (previously over £7.3million). The ongoing success of the Sir Bobby Robson … Continue reading

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