true faith : #BOYCOTTSPURS – Video-Blog #2


Thanks to Matt Flynn’s excellent skills with the camera we are able to bring you a second Video-Blog this week. The Video-Blog stars rank and file Newcastle United supporters like you and me who are explaining their reasons for supporting #BoycottSpurs. Thanks to Matt and all of our guests for giving up their time.        

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THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – Enough Already – 15/Apr/15


It’s not often that Newcastle United can surprise me these days and after a wholly predictable and routine defeat to Liverpool complete with inept defending and barely a threat in attack with the brain-dead sending off the team’s “leader” Sissoko, I had a kind of comforting warmth that the club had no shocks left. How wrong I was! The news United has published its accounts and revealed it had £34m available at the end of the last financial year in June 14 left me speechless. It’s almost as if the people Ashley has running Newcastle United want to piss us … Continue reading

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true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST


Quite an eventful week at nose-diving Newcastle United – can’t score goals and can’t keep them out of the net, which call me old fashioned, isn’t ideal for a football team. Alex and his mates meet up this week to chew the fat and all that and you can get at their patter by just clicking here.  As ever, it is all absolutely FREE. That is all.          

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Ahead of Sunday’s #BoycottSpurs we received this message of support from the highly successful Rangers supporters fan group, Sons of Struth. Sons of Struth have been highly active in opposition to Mike Ashley and his disgraceful treatment of their much-loved football club and know more than most the poisonous influence he and his company has had on football clubs given his record at St James’ Park and Ibrox.  Going forward, it is expected that a great deal of collaboration in how fans of Rangers and Newcastle United will occur in terms of how the fight is taken to Ashley and … Continue reading

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true faith : POSTCARD FROM BRAZIL – Support #BoycottSpurs


“I love football, me, John.  You know?  I mean, I properly love it.”  I’ll never forget those words till the day I die.  They were said to me calmly, earnestly and truthfully – I will never doubt their honesty.  They weren’t uttered under the floodlights of St. James’ Park or on the coach to an away match.  They were said quietly, over a pint, whilst standing on the sidelines at Filtrona Park as the speaker of the words watched wistfully as South Shields FC and North Shields FC played out an FA Vase derby on an international friendly weekend.  It … Continue reading

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true faith : THE SPECIAL (Spurs(h)) #BoycottSpurs


As you will have expected, we will have a brand spanking new issue of THE SPECIAL coming down the tubes for you this Sunday morning ahead of the game with Tottenham. Its a somewhat unusual issue of THE SPECIAL ecause for the first time in history we will be previewing a game that we will be actively encouraging all supporters to boycott due to the catastrophic manner in which our club is being run by Mike Ashley. All of our usual scribblers however will be present and incorrect with a full low down on what promises to be an eventful … Continue reading

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Football Supporters Federation – Newcastle United fans set to #BoycottSpurs

FSFlogo1 copy

Newcastle United fans have been unhappy with how their club has been run for some time, and five defeats on the bounce have brought that into even sharper focus. On Sunday 19th April many supporters will boycott the home game against Spurs. Michael Martin of Newcastle United Supporters Trust explains why they support #BoycottSpurs led by… Looked at from afar, football supporters of many clubs across the country must wonder what is going on at Newcastle United and its permanently enraged supporters. From here on Tyneside, it’s a particular bugbear that those without an understanding of Newcastle United seek to lecture we … Continue reading

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NORTHERN THREADS – New Arrivals | Sunspel


Sunspel – classic English clothing manufacturer since 1860. Thomas A Hill founded Sunspel and his revolutionary idea to make simple, everyday clothing from beautiful fabrics, soon established Sunspel as a pioneer in British craftsmanship. Sunspel continues this tradition today. Shop with us here at Northern Threads for the finest cotton and wool wardrobe basics, beautifully made to last in to timeless classics.  Click here   Northern Threads is a premier outlet for designer clothes with an international reach but which is based here on Tyneside. Northern Threads has two stores based in central South Shields. Both are a short walk … Continue reading

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true faith : Post Card from Spain: Support #boycottspurs !


I read the great piece of fanzine writing by Graeme Cansdale and have just watched the excellent True Faith video blogs regarding #boycottspurs. Like Graeme, who now watches North Shields, I get my football kicks away from Newcastle United. Those who follow my Real Spain articles ,in the True Faith, will know that I am now a shareholder at Spanish 5 th division club CAP Ciudad de Murcia. I had followed United for more than thirty years on and off, I was by no means a super fan but I had followed the club all over England and Europe in … Continue reading

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true faith met up with a handful of lifelong Newcastle United supporters to record a short video-blog in which they explained the reasons why they support #BoycottSpurs Thanks to all who participated.

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